The Birthday Blog

I had the best birthday weekend ever! Here’s my giant photo blog!

So, I woke up early on Saturday so I could be here for the delivery guys to deliver my new bed!! It’s so comfy and beautiful and BIG! Look at it!

my new mattress

It barely fits through my door.

and look how comfy it is

(it’s just as comfortable as it looks)

Then, I drove out to Manhattan Beach to drop off the stuff at Chris’s house, and then we went out to Santa Ana since he was in a show that night. We hung out at this place called “The Gypsy’s Den”, which was pretty cool

The Gypsy's Denme and chrisMural at Gypsy's Den

I then went across the street and saw Chris in “strangers, babies”, which was really good. It got a great review in the LA Times, and the whole cast is very talented. I’m so fortunate that all of my actor friends are immensely talented.

We stayed up pretty late watching Top Chef with Chris’s parents (I love Chris’s parents. I have known them forever, and since I’m practically a sister to Chris, they have always been so good to me, especially letting me use their house for the party. they are truly wonderful people.)

Then the next day, the PARTY! And here are a ton of pictures from that:

gayest picture ever

(I think Chris might literally murder me for posting such an insane picture of him. Oh well, love you sweetie!)

Shawn is a pretty pretty princess

Shawn, you are the prettiest princess in all the land.

I love my cousin
I love my cousin (and i love this picture!)

Love love love love
I dont even care that I look like I weigh a thousand pounds in this picture, we’re freakin adorable.

We started talking about The Office and 30 Rock a lot during the party… so we decided to just watch a few episodes

We sure know how to party
(sidenote: I LOVE that my friends are nerdy enough to be totally jazzed about watching The Office during a beach party)

Tera and Keith

Shannon and Kevin

So many couples… where was MY boyfriend sitting?

Why next to my gay boyfriend, of course…

My two boyfriends

Then we decided to take a walk on the beach, since it was starting to cool down, and it was such a beautiful day (we really did get quite fortunate with the weather…)

A beautiful day at the beach

Yay, look at all my friends!
the whole gang

Now wave to the camera!
Wave to the camera!

(Kevin is such a rebel. Or he was just really in love with whatever was in that red solo cup.)

And we’re off! (Batman leads the way)

(This would be a really cute picture if Chris werent making one of his weird Chris faces…)

There we go!!!

And then Shannon took my camera hostage for her own selfish needs…
(even if this is a super cute picture.)
Shannon was supposed to be taking pictures for ME!

Tera and I


Shannon the Sea Monster

And thats when Shannon became a Sea Monster. As she sometimes does.

the Duo

Jordan: hey, should we disrupt Tera’s phone call?
Kevin: Sure, why not?

seconds after Jordan and Kevin interrupted Tera's phone call
(This is the tail end picture of them clucking around Tera. As they do.)

Oh yeah, I’m dating Batman. No big deal.
we're cute

Then, Jordan and I attempted to get a picture of us midair. It wasn’t easy…
Here is us winding up…

We attempt to have a mid air picture..

Jordan made it! Me not so much…

Jordan makes it...
(And Shawn getting in the way.)

Here, I just tripped…

2nd try, not so much

And finally… SUCCESS!

(I wish I had done a cooler pose.)

So we go back to the house for more 30 Rock and CAKE!!!

my cake is on FIRE!
making a wish
My cake!
Now I'M a pretty pretty princess



~ by Alli on Saturday, May 3, 2008.

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