A giant leap in the right direction

For those of you who are living under a rock today… the California Supreme Court lifted the ban on gay marriage, stating that banning it violates the constitution.

This is so wonderful, and really sets a wonderful example for the rest of the nation.  California is the 2nd biggest state in the union (if this is incorrect, let me know.), and by allowing same sex couples to marry in this state… it’s just so so wonderful.  I couldnt be happier.

It is interesting as to when this happened because, as some of you may know, I am currently writing a massive research paper for school on Legalizing Gay Marriage in the State of California.  About 30 minutes after the Supreme Court’s decision went public, I got an email from my professor:

be glad we’ve talked and that I know you are thinking about the issue and researching it……you can still do the paper on gay marriage



So I wrote back and asked her if I should tweak my paper at all now, and what would be deemed acceptable, since I already turned in my thesis and topic sentence.  Well, she is awesome.  Couldnt have asked for a better first teacher as an introduction back into school:

your position could be that the nation should follow California’s lead and use the same arguments as to why

you could continue w/CA  and play like it never happened [who knew???] and write your paper w/my blessings.

you could “keep talking about California, as even though they lifted the ban, major conservative groups are trying to get enough signatures in order to add the ban to the constitution?”

let me know what you decide

I’m still not entirely sure what I am going to do… but I’m gonna have to make a decision quickly, as my paper is due in a week and a half.

You know, it’s interesting… while I was definitely a more outspoken person when I was younger, I find that I am becoming more passionate about important issues the older I get.  I am also getting more liberal.  While I was raised with very liberal ideals (I come from a long line of Democrats.), it has only been in the last couple years that I have become a fighter.  Legalizing gay marriage and protecting women’s right to choose have become things that really stir up a fire in my heart.  And 10 years ago, I would have thought same sex couples being allowed to marry would have been “cool”, today I am thrilled to the point of almost tears.

~ by Alli on Thursday, May 15, 2008.

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