no more teachers, lots more books

I’m currently sitting in my English class, waiting for my FINAL CLASS to start.

Part of it is exhilirating, the other part a little… i dont know.  What does “one down, a million to go ” feel like?

I spent about 13 hours on Monday finishing it up.  I’m so tired, and the tankard of coffee I drank is giving me major heartburn.  It’s a small victory (one class, woo.), but I’m still proud of myself.  Me 2 year ago would not have, could not have accomplished this.

And now I have 13 days to just RELLAAAXX.  No more watching TV without feeling guilty about not doing school work.  Hell, I can read for fun again!  I can knit.  i can maybe go to the gym?? (note the tentative tone.)


I’m a bit sad that I can’t share this excitement with some.  At least not right now.

~ by Alli on Tuesday, May 27, 2008.

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