I was talking to my good friend the other day, and the subject of her boyfriend came up (as girly conversations tend to.  Ya whatever.  Don’t judge.)

Anyways, they are a great couple.  I can honestly say that they both seem to have changed for the better since being in each other’s lives (though I can say that more about her than him, since I didn’t know him personally before they started dating).  they are immensely committed to one another, which is something that is rare, at least when it happens and I a) actually BUY it, and b) I don’t find it easily mock-able.


There is a decent sized age difference between them, 8 years.  Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but when you are in your 20’s and 30’s, it seems like a lot.  Anyways, we were talking about that age difference, and how he had been in high school.  He’s a brilliant guy, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, he gets almost all A’s in college.  But according to her, he was the slacker musician type back in high school, didn’t really take school seriously.  i teased her about how she wouldn’t have even looked at him when she was in high school.  I knew her in high school, and she was an A student, honor roll, lead in all the plays.  She looked up her nose at the slackers, the people that were too cool for school, no matter HOW cute they were.  She liked preppies.  And he probably would have found her stuck up and prissy.  Yet, I have never seen two people in my age bracket who are more in love.


Anyways, it got me thinking about timing.  Maybe it’s because I am dealing with certain relationship issues of my own right now, but I found it so interesting.  In another time, in another place, do people still work?  It certainly holds the idea of soul mates up to a microscope.  It makes you think about concepts like “meant to be”, or even “a perfect fit”.  How much of relationships or even love have to do with timing alone.  And if timing plays so big a part, how can “I take thee, forever and ever”, be realistic?


This must come across as so jaded, which is not it’s intent.  On the contrary, I wonder what one does when they find someone who they fit with, so perfectly, yet timing, environment, and past mistakes seem to slowly make cracks in the relationship?  How does someone move past that and see that, in spite of all previously mentioned barriers?  Or when do they see timing and something you can’t fight, like city hall, and agree to fall victim to it?


Wow, this is waaayy too Carrie Bradshaw for my comfort level.


~ by Alli on Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

One Response to “timing.”

  1. This was very Carrie Bradshaw. Geez. But good post. Geo and I had quite a discussion about it last night, and now I do not even remember exactly what was said, for we were both quite intoxicated. haha.

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