Today I was talking to a coworker about nerdiness.  He complimented my new pink-dyed ends, saying I look like an animae character.  When I told him I didn’t actually WATCH anime, he was aghast.  He goes on, asking me:

do you play video games?

read manga?


comic books?


And so forth.  To all of which, my answer was NO.

sometimes i feel that you do.
im just nerdy in other ways
maybe thats what it is.
i sense you’re a nerd, but not the nerd im use to.

So I laid out in great deal, HOW, exactly, I am a nerd.  And it struck me as so funny and telling about the type of person I am, I decided to post it here:

I love absurd comedy, especially sketch shows like “Mr Show with Bob and David” and “Kids in the Hall”, BOTH of which I will quote endlessly.  I love “The Critic” for it’s one liners, and grew up reading “The Far Side” comics by Gary Larson.  Anyone who knows what “Blah, blah, blah, Ginger” means, I will love for all eternity.

I love musicals.  I find them perfect in every single way, and to this day can sing along with every number from “Damn Yankees” or “The Music Man”.

I cannot dance.

I loved bowling before it became popular or “trendy”.  I suck at bowling.  I love trash-talk, and seem to do it the most when I’m playing a game I suck at.  A game like bowling.

I will TOTALLY jump on a good “Your mom” or “Thats what SHE said” joke if the opportunity, and then laugh gleefully at my own cleverness.

I love rabbits.  I think they are cuter than puppies and babies.  I will freak the fuck out if I see a bunny.  Because I’m 5.

In my spare time, I read a lot, and I knit.  I get cranky when I’m tired, and I yell at my neighbors kids for being too loud.  Because I’m 80.


~ by Alli on Thursday, June 26, 2008.

One Response to “geek!”

  1. where are the pink pics? I wanna see!

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