everybody seems to think I’m lazy/ I don’t mind/ I think they’re crazy

I love Wikipedia. So many people scoff at it, since just anyone can go in and add whatever they want. But in my experience, all the info has been pretty accurate.

Anyways, I think it’s a great way to learn about things and people. And a LOT of times, there is stuff there that isn’t anywhere else. I’ve been known to spend hours exploring assorted topics. Jordan used to tease me about the train of thought I went through while reading about different topics, where I would start by reading something about Jenna Fischer from The Office, and ending up reading about the history of the Griffith Observatory (true story). If I need to settle a bet, I turn to Wikipedia. J would yell “Wikipedia doesn’t know EVERYTHING”. I did not, shall not, listen. I love you Wikipedia, even if people try to fuck with your credibility, and even when my professors refuse to let me cite you as a source in my papers, my love stay steadfast and true.  Today’s points of interest.

The Beatles – They often cited the Beach Boy’s “Pet Sounds” as key inspiration for “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club” (one of my favorites.), and apparently, as Brian Wilson viewed The Beatles as his artistic rivals, the release of “Sgt Pepper” was part of what compelled him to live in complete solitude in his bedroom for 3 months.

(Sgt. Pepper was also originally a concept album, though that idea sort of petered out mid production.  This leads me to wonder about Green Day’s “American Idiot”, which, wasn’t that supposed to be a concept album, or “rock opera”?  Though a good album, I never really did get the “storyline” (those quotes are used mockingly, I assure you.)

Brian Wilson – Did you know he won a Grammy for an instrumental song called “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow (Fire)”?  My dad is from Chicago, and he taught me a song that kids used to sing about the Great Chicago Fire when he was younger:

“Late one night when we were all in bed

Oh Mrs. Leary left/ her lantern in the shed/

And when the cow kicked it over/she winked her eye and said

“It’ll be a hot time/ in the old town/ tonight.”


Yoko Ono – her whole fucking Wikipedia page is crazy.  It’s like a novel.

~ by Alli on Friday, June 27, 2008.

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