love love love

I love the library.  I love going to “check out”, being able to take home a STACK of books and CD’s, and not have to hand over any type of payment.  Getting stuff for free = nice.

I love having a car.

I love Sam Adams Summer Ale.  It is so fucking delicious, I can’t stand it.  I also love margaritas, and on some level, I love the hot hot weather that allows me to drink all of these without feeling like an alcoholic.

I love being single.

I love The Beatles.  They make everything better.

I love my new pink hair, and how it makes me feel.

I love being appreciated, the rare times that it happens.

I love Nellie McKay, Eisley, Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”, Bo Pepper, and Ingrid Michaelson, to name a few.

I love all of my good friends, the old ones, and all the truly amazing new ones I’ve been making lately.

~ by Alli on Monday, June 30, 2008.

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