on a cheerier note… DAWSON’S CREEK!

One of my new favorite things to do is watch “Dawson’s Creek” with Sean, Johnny, Mark and Tyler.  Yes, they are all guys.  No, none of them are gay.

When perusing Sean’s DVD collection the other day, I about had a heart attack when I came across EVERY SINGLE SEASON of Dawson.  INCLUDING the special edition DVD of the final episode.

Now, we are about half-way through the 1st season now, and…. omigod, it is so cheesy.  I mean, the overacting!  And, to quote the Film Pigs when they were reviewing “The Hulk”, the scenery chewing was “like a thespian version of Hungry Hungry Hippos”.  I used to LOVE this freaking show.  I’m watching it now, thinking to myself, “It got better though, didn’t it?  There had to be a reason I continued to watch this, right?”  Right now, it’s so entertainingly cheesy and melodramatic… I can’t go over to their house now without going “Lets watch!”.

Plus, a lot of the production value really sucks.  Especially the pilot.  Oh lord!  That first shot of Capeside High… It’s like someone put tape over the high school’s original name, and wrote CAPESIDE HIGH (I’m exaggerating, of course, but NOT THAT MUCH, thats the messed up part.)  On a brighter note… Man, I love Joshua Jackson.  I stare at Joshua Jackson and profess my love, Johnny screams “I love you, Jen” and consistently compares her face to that of a “cherub”, and Sean just looks at us both, grinning and feeling superior (though not THAT much, since he’s the lameass who owns the whole series in the first place.)

We are trying to think up a drinking game.  Take a drink when Joey pouts.  Take a drink when Jen acts like a whore.  Take a drink when you have to look a word up in the dictionary.  Take a drink every time Dawson mentions a Spielberg movie.  The day we actually put it to a test… lets just say there are going to be a lot of very drunk people at their house.


~ by Alli on Monday, July 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “on a cheerier note… DAWSON’S CREEK!”

  1. Hey, you know what? Sometimes, a little melodrama can cure anything.

  2. When I get back, lets play that drinking game. I very much, would like to be there for that.

  3. Oh my god. I want in!

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