“It’s like ordering a cheeseburger, fries, and a DIET Coke. Whats the point?” insert laugh track here….

I am so tired of this “joke”.  First off, that joke is AT LEAST a decade old, so when you are laughing at your observational cleverness, please remember that some guy in a bad sports jacket was making that joke in front of a brick wall in the mid 80’s at some club on Sunset.  And it wasn’t that funny THEN, either.

Secondly, some people just prefer the taste of Diet Coke.  So few people who drink “Diet” beverages are actually ON a diet.  They just don’t want to drink 12 ounces of pure sugar.  Diabetes ain’t fun, people.  Sometimes, you make cuts in little places.  Like ordering an In N’ Out Burger “protein style”.    Who CARES if it’s “still a burger”.  You  cut out, like, 200 calories  right there.  And you feel less guilty about getting the fries, which are much more enjoyable to eat than a bun.

So shut up, bad joke-teller.  I’m the fatty getting the burger and fries, so I can probably kick your ass.


~ by Alli on Tuesday, July 15, 2008.

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