blah blah blah birthday, batman, boys-cakes

Saw the Dark Knight again. Man, that movie is just as good the second time. Seriously, it’s just so good. I think that movie could cure cancer.

Still in the process of Chris’s birthday extravaganza. He is working a show tonight, and it’s REALLY fucking long, so I’m just sitting in his car right now, piggybacking off some nice person’s wireless connection in Venice. I’m so classy.

More pictures will come, but in the meantime, guess what they have on display in front of the Arclight in Hollywood?


motherfuckin' batpod

Eeeee! So cool.

OK, the morning after. the rest of the day/night was fun, and I’ll post more pictures later, but I need to clean and be productive and whatnot right now. So I leave you with THIS:

A bunch of comments on the video on YouTube says she looks uncomfortable, doing the fake smiley thing. Go look at old videos like this (anything from Laurence Welk), and you’ll see thats just the face they made. She’s a good actress though. And this video is friggin WEIRD.

~ by Alli on Sunday, July 27, 2008.

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