Adventures in Unemployment, Day Four

Things are starting to come together…kinda.

I have movers.  I have a truck (both of which are due to the kindness of the NoHo Boys.)  They are getting me boxes on Monday.  Jordan is helping me repaint the closet doors I painted forest green, so I can get my deposit back.  A couple of my friends have already offered to help me pack.

I’m starting to consolidate all my things.  I went through all my old magazines (the majority of which were Entertainment Weekly, BUST, and the now-defunct Jane magazine.), and finally went back to the tons of pages I had earmarked over the last year or so.  I ripped out the interesting articles, bookmarked the websites that seemed interesting, along with the products I was interested in buying (can you say hand cranked laundry machine?!! Go green!), and musical artists.  I wrote down titles of a ton of books that I circled, and never wrote down in my ‘Books To Read” book (which is now a bloated 24 pages long.)  And I got throw away a TON of magazines.  Not a humongous dent, but something I had been meaning to do for a while.  I’m trying to get rid of as much “little stuff” (magazines, trinkets, doohickeys, etc.), so that when I DO move into a new place that isn’t my mother’s, I’ll have less flotsam and jetsam, and more of the staples.)

I’ve started sending resumes out.  It really is slim pickins.  But it’s something.  It’s a start.

Ok, off to bed.  I’m going to go running tomorrow.  I may vomit.  I’m not really in the best shape.

Oh, and Veronica Mars is awesome.  So is Green Porn.


~ by Alli on Saturday, August 9, 2008.

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