Adventures in Unemployment, Day Three

There is nothing more degrading than going back to your former place of employment after they fired you.  You could walk in, with your head held high, and everyone still looks at you as if you are about to burn the building down, or steal something.  So unbelievably uncomfortable.  But now, I never ever have to go back.

Speaking of degrading, I went to Buffalo Exchange today with some clothes and purses I thought they might have bought.  No such luck.  I swear, I have brought back things to sell that I had originally BOUGHT at Buffalo, and they wouldn’t take it.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.  And I donated all the stuff to Goodwill, so at least I’m getting rid of stuff, which I swore I would do.

Then, while trapped in the left hand turn lane, some crazy bitch in an SUV almost ran into me head first.  She was barreling down Ventura, swerving, and I couldn’t move to the right, out of her way, because there was steady traffic coming from behind.  So I was just there, stuck, watching this gigantic car coming straight at me, and at the last millisecond, she swerved, missing my car by inches.  My heart was pounding like a tribal drum for the next 10 minutes.  One of the top ten most scary moments of my life.

Found out some news regarding my ex.  Wasn’t the most pleasant news, but I can’t complain, or fault anyone (including myself), or even be angry.  I’m not even mad that I know (I’ve never been an “Ignorance is Bliss” kind of gal).   Still, though, it stings.  It’s hard.  It would be so easy to go back, and have something concrete and stable in my life, while everything else is up in the air.

Oh, and at the recycling center, I saw a man with a “pet” grasshopper in his hair.  Yes, it was alive.  Yes, it seemed to live atop his head.  No, I did not get a picture 😦

I came home to a sweltering apartment, which did not cool down despite my many efforts involving fans, A/C, iced tea, and appealing to the gods.  Tip: There is nothing that makes you feel less productive than humidity.  I haven’t felt “right” since.  I think I’m coming down with something as well.  Joy.

Dawson’s Creek over at the NoHo Boys place didn’t even do the trick. 

All in all: Day 3?  Not a great day.  Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better.


~ by Alli on Saturday, August 9, 2008.

One Response to “Adventures in Unemployment, Day Three”

  1. I’m sorry day 3 has been shitty!!! It’ll get better I think. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never really been in your situation, but at least I hope it gets better.

    P.S.-I really wish you got a picture of that guy with the grasshopper.

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