Adventures in Unemployment, Day Eight

I’m in desperate need of more boxes.  You never realize how much stuff you use on a daily basis until you are faced with having to pack it up for a while.  I have the stuff from the closets packed up, along with CD’s and DVD’s.  I’m hoping to pack up the books and my coats, and bring them all over to my mom’s.  The less stuff that is here, I’m hoping the easier it will be to pack everything ELSE up.

Perfect example of why I’m overweight:  I’m full.  I ate some pasta (probably too much as it was.) for dinner, and I really have no desire to ingest any more food… and yet all I can think of is a cheeseburger.


MMMMMMMMmmmmmm…  and a strawberry shake.  I’ve had a crazy sweet tooth all day.  It’s a good thing I don’t have any money.

*Sigh* I REALLY need to lose some weight.  23 year olds shouldn’t be this tired all the time.  I shouldn’t get exhausted this quickly.  I shouldn’t be so lazy.  I mean, I’m decently caffeinated.  I drink a liter of green tea pretty much every day.  Man oh man.  I think I need to do an entire overhaul of my body.

I’ve been so nauesous lately.  My body hurts, and feels sick and achey, and just in generally bad shape lately.  I went to the dr yesterday to get some pills for something else, and when mentioning all my symptoms.  She asked me if I might be pregnant.  I told her that wasn’t physically possible, and after explaining that I was dealing with a move and no job and moving in with my mother, she said it’s probably stress.  She makes a good point, as when I was younger, and constantly on edge and under an extreme amount of stress, my body definitely took a very string, physical reaction to it.  My body doesn’t handle stress well.  In addition to all of this, the fact that my breakup is still something that is being dealt with… A breakup is not a simple thing.  It’s almost like a divorce, in the sense that there is certain emotional baggage that needs to be sorted out in order to be able to be friens.  It’s tough.

Ok, off to bed.  Have 3 interviews tomorrow.  Busy day.  And I don’t feel up for any of it.


~ by Alli on Wednesday, August 13, 2008.

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