Adventures in Unemployment, Day Ten (oh, shit, we’re in the double digits now.)

I have a week. A week left to move my whole life about 30 some odd miles eastward. I still have so much to do, it’s so daunting.

Went over to Mom’s today with a car full of boxes. Trying to get as much shit OUT of here as possible, I figure it’s going to be that much easier to clean and organize and pack the less stuff is in here.

Either way, got to see Mom for a bit, and spend some more time with my new partner in crime, Zoe the Seal Pup/Wonder Dog.

I lick now?

I tried to take some video of her majesty’s adorable self, but she was in one of her hyper moods, and as a result, it’s just a lot of licking and quick moving fur.

I then got to go have some coffee/lunch with Danielle. It was nice seeing her, and will be nice to have another friend in Monrovia when I’m out there. I mean, she’ll only be out there for another before school starts, but still… it’s nice. And I got to take Zoe out on a mini adventure (though she needs to learn to not try and sit on my lap while I’m driving.)

Anyways, not much to report here today. I have a packed weekend of moving/cleaning/painting. And tomorrow morning, my fat ass is gonna try and go on a run.


~ by Alli on Friday, August 15, 2008.

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