AiU, Day Eleven

I’m grimy, covered in ink (from the newspaper) and sweat. I feel like I haven’t gotten ANYTHING accomplished.

Not much to say except today’s craving:


Good morning, lover

But one of those fancy gourmet ones, like Magnolia Bakery in New York. 

I shouldn’t be even THINKING about cupcakes right now.  I went on a run with my buddy Fred today, and I stopped running after a quarter mile.  After his pushing, I ran another quarter mile, and walked the rest.  He wanted us to RUN an entire 2 miles.  I am so ridiculously out of shape.  He was giving me a lot of shit about it.  But this was the first time I’ve done any REAL excrcise in months, and I’m also having massive cramps as well.  I know, I know, excuses, excuses.  But geez, start a girl off slow!


A thought occured to me while I ran out to Ralph’s to get more newspapers and a Magic eraser (and…ok, a 99 cent cupcake.  Whatevs, i’m on the woman times right now, I have a right.)…when I was having lunch with Danielle a couple days ago in Monrovia, we were discussing how being in Monrovia is like a constant high school reunion, and not in a good way.  Every time I’m out there, and I venture outside my mother’s house, I always see someone from high school I recognize, and usually not people I like/care about.  In the Valley, I jump into people I actually like, like Haley  Just another reminder that I do NOT want to get stuck out there.  I like my life out here.

I got my first job rejection letter in the mail.  It was for one of the jobs I really liked too.  Ah well.  It wasn’t meant to be.  I’m meant to be focusing on the move now, I guess.

Still sucks to be rejected, though.


~ by Alli on Saturday, August 16, 2008.

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