Same old, same old, and (sheesh) Day 26.

So even though I’m living with, and essentially mooching off, my mother right now… you find that you are used to being able to get certain little things that only you would use.  As of right now, I’m using the existing things my mom owns, and what little things I have left over from my life of freedom.  And she is already helping me out so much financially (plus the whole “living rent free” thing.), I can’t ask her to buy me these things.
* Big bottle of Tabasco sauce. (Tapatio just ISN’T the same people, especially on eggs.)

* Omega 3 Tablets

* Bottle of Ibuprofen (for my constantly messed up wrist, which seems to get worse by the day.)

* Colored pencils (trying to sketch as much as possible, colors would help.)

* Skin astringent.

* Glucosamine (for my jacked up wrist.)

* Teavana’s Green Tea Mojo.



In other news… there really IS no news.  I’m hoping to hear more about a job tomorrow, but other than that, I have to take my car to the shop, organize the garage, blah blah blah unemployment cakes.

Hope you all had a nice 3 day weekend.  I went to a weird trance/goth/industrial club last night.  And now that I KNOW what I will be missing, I will never go back.  Not exactly my scene.  Took a few pretty awesome pictures though.  Gave me a chance to practice some of my slowly developing PhotoShop skills.  I took an almost completely black picture, and turned it into THIS:


And it was an excuse to put on excess makeup. And I got to show off my awesome new ‘do! I don’t consider it a loss.

Think good thoughts for me this week, as far as job hunting/sanity/unemployment check/car troubles go. I know, it’s a lot to ask.

Or you could just buy me some Tabasco. 😉


~ by Alli on Monday, September 1, 2008.

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