Unemployment Breeds Boredom (Adventures, Day 30)

When job hunting, unless you are looking for a specific type of job that appeals to a particular skill set, and not just generic admin stuff, it really only takes a couple hours a day.  You search the listings, you ask around, you send resumes and follow up on any interviews you have gotten.

(I haven’t had an interview in 2 weeks.)

The rest of the time is spent, hopefully, trying to improve yourself as a person.  Organizing and consolidating your life.  Reading.  Excercising.  Improving yourself.  Hell, trying to accomplish certain tasks you had been meaning to do for a while, and just never got around to because you were too busy.

And sometimes, MOST of the time, you get bored.

So bored that you decide, just for the hell of it, to put the dog in the bathroom sink, and take a picture.

Anne Geddes of little black dogs

You organize the garage for the 50 millionth time so it will finally be to your mother’s liking.


It’s like the least fun version of Tetris ever. And I LOVE Tetris.

Occasionally, you see friends, you go out. Usually only local friends, and usually the nice ones who offer to pay, or don’t want to go somewhere that costs money, because, guess what? You dont have any money coming in.

My day today:

1) Wake up, brush teeth, grumble a lot.

2) Have breakfast with J. Drink too much coffee.

3) Come home, only to find the dog, once again, trying to eat bath mat. Pull her off and give her a bone, so she doesnt start in on Mom’s shoes.

4) organize garage. Decide to try and sell my tv to make room, and hopefully a couple dollars. Then promptly drop TV face first onto the concrete, thus shattering it. Because I’m awesome.

5) Read. Go between novel, self help book, and text book.

6) Discuss Sarah Palin, the fact that she is good looking, and the fact that she is the devil, with Tyler. Both make the same “Dorian Gray” joke.

7) Make jello for Mom so she is nice when she gets home. Sometimes, anything helps.

8) Look for mail. No unemployment check.

9) Write a blog detailing my fascinating, glamorous life.

~ by Alli on Friday, September 5, 2008.

One Response to “Unemployment Breeds Boredom (Adventures, Day 30)”

  1. I’m sorry about the tv. And well…everything. Miss you.

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