Sayonara Summer, Greetin’s Fall

I love juice.

I just got home from class, starving and tired after looking at slides of stone tablets for 3 hours.  I scarfed down some spaghetti (there is something oddly comforting about just INHALING some cold spaghetti, straight out of the tupperware.  Is that wrong?), and then poured myself a glass of some Acai-Mango something or other my mom bought a couple days ago.  Man, that hits the spot.  Juice is just such an intense sweetness…sometimes you need a really strong taste to signify “You are now done eating.”

I was actually COLD driving home tonight.  Yay for Fall!  Mind you, it was 10 o clock at night, but still…I actually used my seat warmers.  It’s so exciting.  I’ve had my fill of summer, thank you very much.

You know, this summer went from having potential to be really special… to turning out REALLY shitty.  I have higher hopes for fall.  And I get to wear really cute boots!  And Jenny Lewis comes out with new music!


Nighty night.  Tomorrow will be Day 36.  And STILL no word from unemployment.  But I do have an interview tomorrow, so think good thoughts for me.


~ by Alli on Wednesday, September 10, 2008.

One Response to “Sayonara Summer, Greetin’s Fall”

  1. Boo for cold weather. Yay for interview! Thinking happy thoughts!

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