just a little sumtin, sumtin.

I hate allergies!!!!  I feel out of it, and groggy and bleh.  And I havent even taken the good medicine yet, that’ll REALLY dry me up, because then I will be even MORE out of it.

I need to get into the habit of waking up at normal times again.  This whole “sleeping til 10” thang isn’t gonna be healthy for me in the long run, especially once I start working again.  I was complaining to my friend over breakfast today about waking up at 7:30, and he shot me quite the death glare, before getting up to get more coffee.  Sowy.  Though, on the plus side, covering up the dark circles under my eyes with makeup is no longer part of my morning beauty regimen.  So, you know, theres that.

You know who is just stupidly pretty?  Like, even without makeup?  Katy Perry.  She puuurty.

I just HAD to be a show off in class last week, trying to compare some sort of prayer-doll thingamajig we were looking at with the golem.  Another student chimed in as well.  As a result, just the 2 of us (out of a class of about 30-40) had to write a summary about what a golem is.  Dammit.

I’m gonna try and take a nap, so I’m relatively clear headed for class tonight.  I’ll finish this post up later.


Wow, ok, well, I slept waaayy too long.  But I’m at school now, just waiting for class to start.  It’s interesting being on campus right around 5 or so.  You see all the younger students, the ones who are in school full time, leaving.  Around this time, you get to see all the night class students show up.  Most of them look older, some of them look like they just got out of work.  The campus looks very different come 5-6 pm.

Oh man, I feel like crap.  This is gonna be a loooong night.  I just hope these allergies are behaving themselves tomorrow when I have a job interview.




~ by Alli on Wednesday, September 17, 2008.

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