clickity clack, bring my social life back.

It’s morning, and I still feel like crap.  I don’t know if this thing has developed into a full blown cold, but either way, It has resulted in Allison not feeling so hot.

Had an interview yesterday, and while I think it went well, I also thought that of the last one.. so… yeah.

I have become so exceptionally boring lately.  I wake up, make breakfast, play with dog, and then just sort of putter.  At this point, the allergies are so bad I’m afraid to venture outside much.  I feel like the boy in the bubble.


Ya think I can pull this off at Lainey’s party?  yeah, probably not.

I then spend way too much time on the internet, on assorted social networking blah blah, and on GoodReads.  Omigod, Good REads!  I have lost hours upon hours on that site. Basically, it’s like a social networking site, but with BOOKS!  Because, face it, you are more likely to read a book that was reccommended to you by a friend than just something you saw on a shelf (I usually peruse the book review sections of magazines myself, and add them to my “Books To Read” notebook.  Anyways, just writing reviews of books you have read, making note of ones you want to read.  Seriously.  I lost a good entire day just playing around with that site.  Damn Haley!

Is anyone interested in going to the LA County Fair next Saturday?  Apparently there is a TON of yummy food, and most importantly, I have heard many rumors stating that THIS is going to be there:

One Big Bunny

Eeee!!! Giant German Rabbit!!! To steal a quote from haley “Brain goes explodey”

I’m so lonesome nowadays. I mean, really, I kind of stopped to think about it: a couple months ago, I was at Sean and Mark’s house, like, every other day. I was around co-workers, I saw Lainey occasionally.

Now, I sit in this house with the dog all day. I IM people, and occasionally I go out with The Tera, or I grab breakfast with J, but mostly it’s just me left to my own devices. It’s true, I take much consolation in my books, but at a certain point, you miss PEOPLE.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, which has 2 parties, lots of friends, and an excuse for me to look pretty.


~ by Alli on Friday, September 19, 2008.

One Response to “clickity clack, bring my social life back.”

  1. i’m lonesome every night of the week too basically especially since Geo started rehearsals. But at least we have the weekends and even then, he’s busy with a client or like tomorrow, he’s gonna be out all afternoon with kate doing stuff for the party. At least I get to see you tomorrow. And don’t worry, I won’t care if you have a cold, just as long as you don’t get me sick. I can’t afford it. Well, anyhoo, let me know when you’re going to be around the valley, and maybe we can hang.

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