My thoughts on the debate…

I wrote this while I was watching it:

*Whoa, McCain just repeated, almost verbatim, what Obama just said, all the way to the “Main Street” line.

*Hehe, his “I’ve been around a long time” line reminded me of a book I saw in the checkout of Borders yesterday titled : “72 Things That Are Younger Than John McCain.”. Such items as “Zip Codes”, “Social Security”, “Duct Tape”, and “Chocolate Chip Cookies”.

*I wish Obama would be a little more clear in HOW he plans to get us out of the financial crisis. I agree that we need to look back on how we got here in the first place, because looking at history prevents us from making the same mistakes again. However, I wish that he would spend less time focusing on the foolish Bush decisions that McCain backed, and was looking more towards the future. However, McCain was even MORE vague in his plans, and I do understand that these debates are ultimately for the swing voters. Even still, I wish Obama would have given his existing supporters a little more detail when it came to his financial recovery plan.

*Man, McCain really does sound more and more like a daffy old man the more I listen to him speak. God help us.

*This moderator is cracking me up. He sounds like couples therapist: “Don’t talk to me, talk to him! I’m determined to have you guys talk to each other”. However, I like that he addresses the vagueness of both candidates, asking them questions in an attempt to get them to be more specific.

*I’m astonished at how much muckraking McCain is doing, and proud of how well Obama is dismissing all of McCain’s slanderous claims.  That being said, McCain REALLY thinks this war has been succesfull????

*Wow, Obama really seems to have been doing his homework with foreign policy. However, I am extremely ignorant in this area, so I don’t have much to say.

Ultimately, I think my Obama handled himself really well. He is an extremely classy guy, who doesn’t seem to falter, even when being attacked, which is what I think we should all hope for in a President. However, I, as a staunch liberal and Democrat, don’t really know what the mindset of today’s independent or swing-voter IS, quite honestly. I can clearly see the fallacy in McCain’s statements, and he was definitely playing dirty.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, here is the debate in it’s entirety.

And on October 2nd, it’s VP time! Oh man, I cannot WAIT to see Biden and Palin go head to head. The woman is a MORON. Seriously, look at this clip from her interview with Katie Couric.

yeah, Biden is gonna mop the FLOOR with her, and I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

~ by Alli on Sunday, September 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “My thoughts on the debate…”

  1. I thought McCain did the better job– he was more inspired and passionate. Obama was cold and intellectual, too like European socialism for me. I think that Biden will look silly on Thursday if he tries to bully her. If he refuses to take her seriously, on the idea that she’s a moron, she will trounce him, just like she trounced Charles Gibson in his interview. She made him look like an irrelevant trivia monger, and made him look pompous. I don’t know why women aren’t prouder of Palin– she’s doing fine. Hillary even refused to appear with her at the U.N., which shows bad form.

  2. Man. I just cracked up at the Palin thing. And, I’m not supposed to make any sounds, because my throat is on fire.

    I can’t wait!! ha ha ha

    and, yeah, sorry about the fair. 😥 You can play with baby goats and pet pigs @ Animal Acres though! :o)

  3. Yeah the VP debate is just gonna be fun.

  4. My response to Tonydowning’s take on the debate:

    I absolutely disagree. I feel that McCain was stumbling over his words more.

    As far as women being proud of Palin… gender has nothing to do with it! Palin is a moron, and more than unqualified to lead this country in any way. Hilary Clinton has tons of experience, and I can see why she wouldnt want to meet with her. To compare her in office to Palin in office, you might as well be saying “A vagina is a vagina, woo, female empowerment”, which is beyond insulting, and completely innacurate.

    Debates aren’t bullying, and if Biden is shining a light on how ridiculous Palin is as a choice for VP, good for him, thats what the debates are FOR.

  5. I don’t think I deserve that vagina comment. But I do think Palin is qualifed, and it’s because she has the viewpoint I want to see in the Oval Office–a strong foreign policy, a lessening of the social welfare state (I say this as a guess as to her views there, I admit), and a belief in the continuation of free trade and a removal of tariff walls worldwide. I didn’t really compare Hillary and Palin in the Oval Office, I just meant that I thought Hillary should have gone through with the appearance at the U.N., protesting Ahmadinejad. Biden can try to show Palin is a ridiculous choice, certainly, that’s his right, but that would give Palin the opportunity to show his mistaken strategy. Why was there no outrage over Jimmy Carter being unqualified, and none now, retrospectively? Partisan selectivity, that’s why.

  6. Well, we shall see what happens. And as far as my “vagina” comment, I meant it in terms of “why women aren’t more proud of Palin.”… it’s because she didn’t get here because of her years of service, and extensive knowledge of the issues, but as a strictly political ploy by McCain to sway the Hilary supporters. There is nothing TO be proud of.

    Additionally, Palin is a woman who hates women. She wants to recall Roe v. Wade for goodness sake!

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