To the asshole who stepped on the side of my car

I’m sure you saw the extremely dirty car door of the White Jetta and thought to yourself “Why, it’s a blank canvas to display my dreams!”

Perhaps, you could mark your territory with a “_______ was here”, a simple planting of the flag. To show that you, in fact, were here, on a residential street in Monrovia, CA on this fateful day. To make yourself be known.

Maybe a simple classic, “Wash Me!” would suffice. Tried and true, it would get the point across. Oh, but so many people have done it before. That just wouldn’t scream YOU, would it?

Sometimes, a lewd drawing is something special, something to be remembered?

So many choices… how best to express what you, simple dreamer? What you think of yourself, what you think of ME, person you don’t know, but I must be deserving of an artistic tongue-lashing, since I let my car get so dirty, and my side mirror is held on with duct tape?


gee, thanks a lot.

“I’ll leave a foot print on the side of this person’s car! To show that they’re dirt! To show I can walk upon them! To get their car even MORE dirty! How brilliant! How inspired!”



~ by Alli on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.

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