My professor is funny.

While perusing the guidelines for my Visual Analysis paper:

Plagiarism will be punished by banishment to Hades and a failure on the assignment.”

I like her.

I still havent found a work I want to write about.  Hoping to find something at the Getty or Norton Simon.  Better be soon, though, because the paper is due next Wednesday, and I’m busy all weekend.  I suppose that after Norton Simon on Saturday, I could write some that evening.  I found some Grecian sculptures at LACMA, but they were sculpted by the Romans, who we haven’t studied yet.  They were inspired by ancient Greece, though, so I’m going to ask my professor if I could perhaps write my paper on one of those, particularly the statue of Athena, as it encompasses a lot of the themes that we were studying.  (I would post a picture, but it’s on my other computer.)

I haven’t been studying as much as I should.  Truthfully, I’ve been having a hard time concentrating, and after reading my textbook for a few minutes, I can’t focus on it, thinking about what else I need to do.  Only reading for pleasure seems to turn that part of my brain off.  I’m hoping that once I start working, I can get into the study schedule I have sorely been lacking.  Truthfully, I’m not a very good student.  Don’t get me wrong, when we are in class, I’m very focused and take copious notes.  But once we are out… My brain flies away.  Most of the good grades I get are based more on existing knowledge, and the ability to write a persuasive paper, hence why I got an A in my English 101 class.  I wish I was better at absorbing information in general.  I need better study skills.  I’m hoping writing this paper will get me more into the swing of things.


~ by Alli on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

One Response to “My professor is funny.”

  1. Gooooooo Allison! Let’s go! Let’s go! You can do it!! =D

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