best time of year

It’s officially autumn.

I know that “technically” Fall doesn’t start until, what is it, the 22nd?  Truthfully, season’s change when you feel it in the air, when you suddenly have to put on a jacket, something you didn’t have to do the day before.

It’s easier to tell at night.  Last night, I was stepping outside to drive out to the Valley to see some friends, and it hit me.  The air smelled different, my skin felt different.  I was immediately in a better mood (Fall/Winter do that to me.)

As I was driving (with the sun roof open so I could get some circulation moving.), smelling the air and feeling caught up in the feeling of Autumn, I got a feeling of strong deja-vu.  It reminded me of when I first got my license, which, after checking my license, was October 12th of last year.  It’s been a year.  Wow.

Time seems to move faster when you, yourself, are moving faster.

When I first got my license, I loved driving around, just for the sake of driving.  I was still scared of freeways for the first month or so (which is ironic considering the near daily commute I’m making now.), so I was strictly on surface streets.  But the nights came earlier, and the air was cool, and I enjoyed my new freedom immensely, driving around the Valley, marvelling how much BETTER some music sounded while driving (still is my preferred form of music listening.), and taking in all the Halloween lights and decorations.  It’s funny, it never occured to me before, but I was lucky to have gotten my license just as my favorite time of year was approaching, a time of year when everything sparkles a little bit more, and it all seems a bit more special, a bit more magical.

Since then, a lot has changed.  I’ve changed.  In theory, it’s kinda ridiculous to think that having a driver’s license changes the kind of person you are, but it’s true.  Especially when you are already in your 20’s when you do get it.  Having it saved my relationship, and then when that relationship ultimately ended, being able to get out of the house whenever I wanted was my lifesaver.  I made new friends that I wouldn’t have made had I been stuck in the house, I learned new things, I experienced new things.  I got to be the designated driver for friends who always had to be.  I could leave a party when I wanted, not when my ride wanted.  My world got a little smaller, and a little bigger, all at once.  After years of living by myself, taking care of myself, yet always feeling like a kid PLAYING grown up, I actually got to feel like a grown up.  In Los Angeles, that’s an important thing.

OK, no more reminiscing for now.  I have to go dig out my jackets!

~ by Alli on Saturday, October 11, 2008.

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