Ghouls, Rabbits, and Michael Jackson

hey. hey. hey. You know what’s awesome for getting into the fun Halloween spirit, and hell, just awesome in general?


What a fun song. What a cool dance. Thriller rocks.

And of course, if you are one of the, like, 3 people who haven’t seen the Fillipino prisoners dance to it, here is THAT.

Random piece of interest: I was listening to Morning Eclectic on KCRW this morning while watching this video, and the song “Wired for Light” by School of Seven Bells, and it synched up oddly well (and doesn’t sound at ALL like Thriller). Mind you, I can’t guarantee the same success, as it may have had something to do with when they both started (different times), and might have just been a fabulous coincidence, never to be realized again.

I’m still working on the Halloween costume (since my only real celebration is THIS Friday for Sid’s part), and I basically need to build the bulk of the costume on Thursday night, the night before the party, because I’m awesome. Seriously though, this had more to do with me coming up with a new idea about the costume at the last minute than about me procrastinating (which is usually the case) I’m going as the white rabbit…

the white rabbit

No. from Alice in Wonderland. More like this:

White Rabbit Big Figure

Obviously, it’s going to be a little different, (I’ll be wearing a red blazer, not a coat of arms, or whatevere that is he is wearing), and originally was going to just wear a white shirt and a tail and the blazer, but now it involves felt and tulle. I’m essentially going to be making a tutu by hand. I just hope it, and the whole costume actually, comes out the way I’m visualizing in my head.

I still need a pocket watch, though.

~ by Alli on Wednesday, October 22, 2008.

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