Great Halloween for Allison

I had a great Halloween, how bout you?

I did my dressing up last week, and wanted to celebrate the day, though be relatively mellow.  So Haley invited me to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, (which I had never been to, and I now love.), to see Santa Sangre by Alejandro Jodorowsky. She was sooo excited about seeing this movie on the big screen (though now I totally

Haley is saucy.

Look at how sparkly she is! Anyways, so we took the subway out there, because Hollywood is a madhouse on Halloween, and parking is expensive.

The theatre is beautiful, and almost kind of secluded which is nice. Because it was Halloween, they gave away free Candy, popcorn, and vampire teeth…

More free snacks at the Egyptian

Free snacks at the Egyptian in Hollywood!

Lost Boys teeth

Teeth in the popcorn!

And so we sat down, got comfortable, and watched Santa Sangre.

That trailer does not even BEGIN to do this movie justice. It’s so weird and odd, and culty and beautiful and bloody…It rocked my socks something fierce. I can’t wait to see another Jodorowsky film, though Haley has warned me that Santa Sangre is the MOST linear of his works. Hot damn.

It took us almost an hour just to walk back to the subway station due to all the foot traffic. I wish I could say I took tons of pictures of tons of interesting costumes, but it was basically just whores in leather, and a sea of people:

Hollywood Blvd on Halloween 2008

On the subway, however, we saw this dude.

The invisible goatherd

Awesome, creepy costume. Also, really nice tits for a guy dressed in drag, and I made sure to tell him so. He didn’t even have a name for his costume, so I named him the “Invisible Goatherd”. He talked to us for a little bit, though not introducing himself, taking off his mask, or telling us where he was going. Later, Haley and I discussed whether or not he was cute. We decided that, though he SOUNDED cute, he was also a weirdo in an unnameable costume, walking around Hollywood and the subway with no one else with him. How mysterious.

the cherry on top were these dudes though:

Clintons on the Subway


All in all, a great night, opening my world to new experiences, and further deepening my girl crush on Haley. And I didn’t have to drink one drop of alcohol to have a good time. Go me!

~ by Alli on Saturday, November 1, 2008.

One Response to “Great Halloween for Allison”

  1. Not worthy of girl crush. lol. Your ipod came in today by the way! And, you still have my shirt! 😉

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