Change WON.

I have never felt more united with my country as I do today.

This is the first election in my short life that I really felt that I had a part of, like I truly made a difference. Barack Obama has done something amazing here. This was a grass roots campaign that turned into something extraordinary, inspired millions, and brought cause for celebration like I have never seen before.

Besides the fact that not everything went the way I had hoped (my broken heart about Prop 8 passing is a whole ‘nother post. Right now I am trying to focus on the good.), yesterday was a truly wonderful day, and a moment that I will not soon forget. I sat with my mother, who could not stop crying with happiness, and watched history be made. She cried because of what it represented, and the relief she felt, equating it to how she felt when the Vietnam War was over.

This campaign broke all the rules, and emerged victorious. And once again, I am proud to be an American.


Congratulations, Mr. President. I cannot wait to have you be in office.

~ by Alli on Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

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