No news is no news

It occurs to me that my posts have become extremely sporadic lately… and while, ultimately, I would rather only post quality work on here, as opposed to the b.s. minutia of life (“today I did this, today I did that”), I guess I should give a brief update on what is going on in the life of Allison.

Still no job. That might be the biggest reason I haven’t been posting, simply for the fact that…well, it’s a downer. And embarrassing. I have no job to go to, so my daily adventures are pretty minimal. I wake up, I play with the dog, I go to the gym, I job hunt. Occasionally I see friends. These are not the stuff of fabulous tales, but simply the dull facts of everyday life.

However, I (try) to remain positive, and hope that after the first of the year, people will start hiring a little more. If nothing else, I pray that the inauguration of our future President will raise spirits, and faith in our economy, and as a result, more people will be hiring.

I decided to finally look into giving this whole “graphic design as career” thing a shot. For months, it’s been a possibility, a “for instance”, an idea and somewhat goal to tell people when they ask what it is I want to do for a living. I’m tentatively taking the steps to put my money where my mouth is, and am taking the prerequisite classes in order to be accepted into the graphic design 1 class. For years I have been told that I have been a talented artist. Now I will see if I have the skills to back it up. And if not…well, the hope is that I will be one step closer to finding out what it is I DO want to do.

I hope.

I am still doing the “vegan thang”, (though do not call myself a vegan). I have not given up fish or honey yet, but I have given up all other animal products from my diet. I still have my leather boots and accessories, and will wear them until they just can’t take any more… and then no more leather for me. I have occasionally taken a bite of something that might have a bit of cheese in it (usually if I am in someone’s home.) Pretty much, I am doing it on my terms, and I find that the idea of eating meat or cheese or milk makes me..well, kind of nauseous.

Additionally, I went to an animal sanctuary last weekend called Animal Acres, and seeing those animals, and hearing about what they were rescued from… made me feel that much better about what it is that I am doing.

Very curious turkey.


Oliver the goat.

Who am I to say that these animals deserve any less rights than a dog or cat? It was a great experience, and I urge anyone who is even considering a vegetarian/vegan diet take a visit up there, and see the wonderful work they are doing.

My close, non-veggie friends are starting to come around to these decisions I have made, and have been very supportive. Tera even bought me an awesome “Powered by Tofu” shirt for Christmas (but without the PETA logo, because PETA is kinda scary.) However, I find that this new lifestyle has definitely made me more diplomatic, and has improved my communication skills. People still wrinkle their nose in judgment over the choices that I am making, and will get defensive, thinking that I am going to preach to them or try and make them feel guilty. I have been learning on how to honestly explain my reasonings for making this change in my life, while ruffling as few feathers (no pun intended) as possible. I never want anyone to feel like I think I’m better than them, because of course I’m not.

And it helps when I make MASSIVE AMOUNTS of vegan cupcakes for people as Christmas gifts πŸ™‚

The finished product

(They were delicious, by the way.)


~ by Alli on Friday, December 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “No news is no news”

  1. Geo has succumbed to the cupcakes and ate 3 of them: truffle, raspberry, and peanut butter (his favorite, and my least fave). As a whole I loved them all though. Thanks again, hon.

  2. Your cupcakes are adorable and a great gift!! and…

    YAY for going vegan!!!

    Definitely, check out It is one of the most awesome websites. BuyKind is 100% vegan and you can order online home delivery from some of the best award-winning vegan restaurants across the country – delivered to the door!!! BuyKind is amazing and the best food I’ve ever had! It is sooo much fun and sooo delicious and it is all about helping animals. Profit from buykind goes to help farm animals.

    If you order, tell them it is your first time and they will normally give you a gift certificate.

    Vegans, those who choose kindness for all always, are my heroes!!

  3. As you know – fish is meat.

    They have a heart beat

    you’re not quite vegan.


  4. as i posted above, I do not call myself a vegan.

  5. Just bustin yr chops. πŸ˜›

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