The Reading Position

Something I need to buy for my next apartment: A big comfy reading chair.

The Big Chair - 5 weeks

(minus the baby, of course)

Currently, even though I love to read, I don’t have a favorite place or position TO read. I read in the tub, and I read in bed before I go to sleep… but when I lay in bed reading, I inevitably fall asleep.

fell asleep reading

The good majority of my books are bent because of this way of falling asleep. They end up on my face, curled in a fist, stuffed under pillows…just last week when stripping the sheets to be washed, I found 3 BOOKS amongst the blankets. However, I really have no where else to read OTHER than my bed, currently. There are some chairs and a couch in my mom’s living room, but the chairs are small, and the couch…well, if I sit on a couch, I will LAY on the couch and promptly fall asleep anyways. Even after I got a great, comfy couch in my last place, I only sat on it when hanging out with friends, or watching tv. A couch gives me too many options. I need a chair.

My new favorite way lately has been to lay on my bed with my legs propped on the wall.

My new favorite way to sit and read.

It’s a good stretch, and definitely not a position you can fall asleep in (unless you are REALLY fucking tired.), but it’s not quite the same as curling up in a comfy ball and sinking your teeth into a book.

67/365 - Curled Up (FGR)

Look how comfortable she looks!

Sometimes I think my lack of comfort while reading is the biggest reason I dont read as often as I would like, which is so silly because I used to read in the most uncomfortable situations. I read on the bus, squished between a million people who all, inexplicably, smelled like feet. I read in class in high school (when I should have been paying attention to the teacher). I read during my lunch breaks (when I had a job), and there were tons of people yammering on around me. So much of my reading time is disturbed by me fidgeting and trying to get comfortable, thus taking me out of the “reading zone”, which I desperately need to be in, since otherwise my ADD kicks in, letting me get distracted by everything under the sun.

Even when I DO read in bed getting ready to go to sleep, I have to get myself in an intricate position of my pillow under my head “just so”, with one knee curled into my chest, one leg straight out, and assorted pillows cocooning the whole crazy setup. I also have the pillows under my book hand propped up in a certain way so my wrist doesn’t hurt.

I think my ADD is getting worse.

Or, hell, I just need a chair.

Who am I kidding, it’s both.

Side note: while playing online Scrabble with my dad, I got these letters, arranged just so:


Indeed, Scrabble. Indeed.


~ by Alli on Monday, January 5, 2009.

One Response to “The Reading Position”

  1. my book spot is my bed. 🙂

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