“Oy”, Trails, and a Disappointing Send-Off

Words I’ve been using a lot

Oy (the smidge of Jew coming out)

Clusterfuck (usually in regards to the fabulous LA traffic.)

Okey-doke (once, I even said Okily dokely, a’la Ned Flanders)


Places You Can Find Me These Days

Fryman Canyon




Right now, the weather is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. Everything is lovely and in bloom. I just love spring. And I find that, exercise aside, I’m happiest these days when I’m outside. There are so many little side paths, its great for exploring and just getting lost in your thoughts. I’m getting my less hiking inclined friends to go with me, even!

Today I did Runyon Canyon, which kicked my ass in a severe way.  This was my first time there, but my friends decided they wanted to climb up the exceptionally steep hill.  Fingers grasping at dirt and rocks, using every fiber of my strength to walk up this unsteady rocky slope…finally, I DID IT.

And of course, handled my achievement with the grace and maturity that I am known for:


I climbed that, bitches!!

Being outside has been having a wonderful effect on me lately.  My allergies haven’t been hitting me as they normally do this time of year, so the simple act of being outdoors makes me extraordinarily happy.  While I have this downtime, I’ve been trying to take walks or go to Fryman as much as possible.  It’s very therapeutic.

What is NOT therapeutic?  The Battlestar Galactica series finale.


What started off as a great episode, full of wonderful action scenes and great human emotion suddenly, an hour in, seemed, mediocre.  I’ve already discussed this episode ad nauseum with my friends, so I won’t get into a play by play recap of it.  But suffice it to say, I feel like they wrote checks all season long that their ass could not cash.  Or as Jordan said:

” ‘Kara Thrace, you are the harbinger of death, you will lead them all to their doom’  yeah, so what about that?”

They set up these elaborate storylines, and then couldn’t wrap them up in an intelligent, thought provoking manner.  It’s like Ron Moore realized that he had the final script due, and just threw together a haphazard final hour.

So depressing, and not at all worthy an ending to what was always a multi-faceted show.

~ by Alli on Monday, March 23, 2009.

One Response to ““Oy”, Trails, and a Disappointing Send-Off”

  1. yay for powerwalks! I can’t wait for this weekend!!!

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