dress me up, dress me down

Once in a while I get into my head some very specific items I want to own, clothing and fashion wise.  Sometimes I think it would just be the finishing touch on an outfit or dress, or just staples that I think would suit whatever I’m trying to pass off as my “style” these days (though I swear, if I was 20 pounds thinner, and didn’t have these giant boobs atop my chest, I would probably be much more edgy in my fashion choices.)

Since my birthday is coming up, I figured I’d write my clothing wish list of things I probably won’t end up getting.

Yellow heels
yellow shoes

I want this color, this shape (these legs, but, ya know, I’m being realistic.)  I cannot find them ANYWHERE.  I like the rounded toe, whereas a lot of these banana yellow heels usually come with a pointed heel, which I HATE.

They are just so cheerful!  I think shoes like this just brighten up any outfit.  Plus, I have this really amazing pink and gold striped American Rag dress that I always want to wear, but never have the shoes for, and I think <——-these would go perfect with it.

If you find a pair somewhere, buy them for me and I swear I will pay you back.  And hug you.  And probably make you cookies.

2.  Olive green messenger bag
messenger bag This just seems like me.  All purpose, kinda funky, but clean looking and (as long as I don’t get it dirty).  That red star on this one is removable (which is good, I don’t want people thinking I’m a Commie).

Right now I carry a giant leather purse that contains, at any given moment, my makeup case, organizer, at LEAST 1-2 books, ipod, phone, assorted papers, my wallet, and a “wild card” item (today it was a solitary whole wheat tortilla in a plastic bag).  I used to carry around an old Dickies messenger bag, and while not the most stylish thing in the world, MAN was it convenient, especially when I rode a bicycle.  I also loved having both my arms free.  However, it was dirty, bright red, and went with nothing.  This is at least cute and edgy, right?

I can just picture myself in a sundress with flip flops and a cardigan, rocking this bag.  It doesn’t quite match, but it works anyways.  Because I’m Allison.  I have red hair.  I’m outside the box, god dammit! (At least, thats how I would like to view myself in this scenario.)

3.  Black espadrilles


My mom used to have a pair of black espadrilles when I was younger that I absolutely LOVED to wear.  I thought they were so classy looking, and my favorite part was lacing them high up on my legs, like a ballerina:


Anyways, it would be nice to own a pair.  They would go really nicely with any of my black sundresses, or specifically…

4.  Cigarette pants

Not quite capris, DEFINITELY not the dreaded skinny jeans.  Check it:


There’s a difference.  The trick to these pants for the, ahem, curvier gal is you REALLY need to find a pair that fit in all the right places.  No easy feat, and I actually HAD a really great pair that fit me very nicely, but I lost about 10-15 pounds after going veggie, and now they just look like dumpy ill-fitting black pants.

So you wanna hear how girls are very foolish sometimes? I bought a knit black wife beater from Target a couple months ago, for about 10 dollars. But guess what? You walk 20 feet over to the mens section of Target and get 4 of the EXACT SAME SHIRT for the exact same price as ONE women’s shirt.


excuse the teenage-girl-posing-in-the-mirror-in-the-bathroom-shot, but I wanted to show how awesome they are (they are really long, like tunics).

Also cheaper if you buy the man brand; shaving cream. I am not too proud to shave my legs with something that says “Beard Buster” on it.

~ by Alli on Monday, March 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “dress me up, dress me down”

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. wow! A style post! I must say, I’m quite surprised and quite pleased at the same time! I meant to text you back, but seeing as I just got your text a couple hours ago-I still don’t know why it did that. But anyway, yes to what you were asking. I’ll even photograph every single outfit!

    p.s.-You look so effin’ hot in that last picture.

    p.s.s.-Apart from the military bag and the espadrilles, I give this post an A. Lol!

  3. The cigarette pants and espadrilles remind me of my rockabilly days. I wonder if I still have mine hanging around somewhere. I know I definitely have my espadrilles. To me – they are sort of a bitch to wear. But, they are very pretty.

    As for cigarette pants – I love those too. They are really flattering.

    See – some 50’s styles remain timeless. 😛

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