The Vegan Mom Experiment, Day 1

Since I’ve been staying with my mother for the entire course of my vegan-ism, she has been able to see the transition in all it’s green leafy glory.  And honestly, considering I’m staying with her, rent-free, and taking up space in her refrigerator with my food, she has been very supportive of my lifestyle change, never once criticizing or trying to change my mind, just as I try not to force my opinions on her (though when I do, it’s less cruelty-free related, and more health-related, because I want her to stick around and nag me for a very long time).

Anyways, she mentioned a few days ago that she thought she might be interested in trying to go vegan for 2 weeks, as an experiment.  Then she said she was only going to go vegetarian.  Now it seems to have settled somewhere around “I wont eat meat, and I’ll TRY to go vegan for the 2 weeks, but I’m not making any promises”.

Mom’s Vegan Experiment from Allison Rabbit on Vimeo.

I said I would help plan her meals for her, since I know that if I don’t, she’ll end up just grabbing a chicken Lean Cuisine on her way out the door. So I bought her some vegetarian chili, and left her this note on the counter:


I am nothing if not a supportive daughter 😉 And I’ll be tracking the experiment here as well, so that perhaps the tips and tricks I show Mom might help others who are considering a veggie lifestyle. And if it fails…well, it’ll be kinda entertaining at least.

Mom Quote of the Day

Me: Those frogs are creepy looking.

Mom: It looks like a frog sarcophagus.


~ by Alli on Monday, March 30, 2009.

One Response to “The Vegan Mom Experiment, Day 1”

  1. omgosh, your mom is the cutest!!! I love in the vid when she goes-“I thought it was one week?!” haha! Trying to get out of it! I can’t wait to see the progress!

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