What can I say, I’m an April fool…

Besides my birthday, April always seems to be a busy month.  True to form, I can’t think of any examples.  But April is when a million things seem to happen.  I always have 4 friends that all have shows opening that month.  For 3 years, it was my anniversary with my boyfriend.  The weather gets warmer, so people seem to have more social gatherings and get togethers.  This April is shaping up to be similar:

April 4th and 5th – This weekend alone I have my first yoga class since the accident (SO freakin’ excited.  I missed it more than I ever thought I would.), my surrogate family’s monthly potluck in Manhattan Beach (who I haven’t seen since before the accident), my first meeting with the book club I joined (this month we are reading Madame Bovary, and I need to shake a tail feather if I’m gonna finish it in time for the meeting.), and then possibly the Rose Bowl swap meet (just because the RBSM is awesome).  Normally I would be bummed that the majority of my friends are going out of town to different places this weekend, but what do I care, I’m a busy lil’ bee!

April 9thMirah in concert at The Echo in Los Angeles.

Mirah live

Mirah has been my new obsession for the last couple months, and she is playing the Echo in LA next Thursday. Her new album “(a)spera” is phenomenal and haunting (my favorite song on the album is “Generosity”), and if I haven’t bought it by then, I’ll probably buy a copy at the show. Also, I’ve never been to the Echo before, OR to a concert by myself , so it should be quite an adventure.

April 25thVeggie Pride Parade

As much as I like to spread the word about the benefits of veggie-ism, I’m mainly going for the fun and all the yummy vegan food.  And ANIMALS!


April 26thLos Angeles Festival of Books


A celebration of books, ya’ll.  SERIOUSLY.  Happy Birthday to me, much?  I’ve never been, so don’t know entirely what to expect.  I know there are book signings, and cooking demonstrations, and poetry readings, and a ton of stuff for kids (maybe some year I’ll be able to take my little brothers).  And BOOKS.  Lotsa books.  My wallet will be hurting by the end of the day.  And I get to attend with my best friend who happens to BE a librarian, and will geek out with me.

April 29thAllison is 24. Oy.


Nothing too spectacular going on this day, no festivities or parties planned.  This year is gonna be low key.  But, if nothing else, birthdays are the one day a year when everyone has to be just a little bit sweeter towards you, and you are free to almost whatever you would like. It’s a chance for you to hear from your loved ones that they are genuinely happy you were born.

All I want this year is a vegan cheesecake.  And maybe to be able to replace my glasses.

In addition to all of these events, there are (hopefully) trips to the beach, dinner with friends (Haley, I’m lookin’ at you, kid.), my best friend Elaine’s final show at college, a trip to the zoo, and other activities.  Spring is the time for adventures, friend, sun, and cute sundresses 🙂

Additionally, I am staying optimistic that this will be the month I find a job.  I already (knock on wood) have a place to live lined up, all that’s waiting on it is a regular paycheck.

April is gonna rock.


~ by Alli on Thursday, April 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “What can I say, I’m an April fool…”

  1. […] Zayna’s Garden put an intriguing blog post on What can I say, I’m an April fool…Here’s a quick excerpt…as I like to spread the word about the benefits of veggie-ism, I’m mainly going for the fun and all the yummy vegan food.  And ANIMALS! […]

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. whoo-hoo!!! Busy busy April! Apart from Gelaine’s 3rd Anniversary, My two best friends bdays (you and Kate), April can SUCK IT! Haha! Not really, but I do have to warn u, in about a week, I will no longer be a happy camper. Hehe! love u!

    “Ppppoker Face, Ppppoker Face…”

  4. What can I say, Elaine, I’m not bluffin with my muffin.

    Oh, and I’m SO happy my celebrity nickname for you is sticking 🙂

  5. […] almost my birthday month!  Last year’s April was chock full of stuff, and was started off with me getting a new job and a new place to live (a place that I love and […]

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