The past couple weeks have been full of awesome and long overdue.

UPGRADE: From unemployment to employment.


Yeah, finally. Obviously I’m not gonna share too much about where I work on this public site, but I love my job. I assist the dept. heads and VPs with, well, everything. I’m a little bit receptionist, little bit gal Friday, little bit office babysitter. But although I have been an admin assistant at many places before, I have never had my position treated with as much respect. I have never done work quite like it, and I feel blessed that I finally have a job after 9 freakin months of unemployment. My only complaint would be the commute, which is about 20 miles away in the Santa Clarita Valley.

UPGRADE: From mothers house to guest house studio (all by myself again!)


I don’t think I realized how much I truly missed living by myself. Please dont judge the picture, my landlords and my friend who used to live here haven’t moved out all their crap.



Stupid, I know, but now I get to listen to my ipod in my car! And I’m one of those cool people who gets to take the front off when she parks, so opportunists dont steal her new toys.

I also switched gyms, going to a less crowded chain that has more locations near my new place, so I can keep up the momentum I had going when I was unemployed.

Those last 2 maybe sound lame in comparison to NEW JOB NEW APARTMENT, but the truth is, my whole life has been one big upgrade the last couple months. I moved to a city I’ve never lived in before, but is close enough to my old stomping grounds so that I’m not totally out of my element. My mother came out to have dinner with me tonight, and she said “I think North Hollywood fits you well.”

Vineland at Lankershim & Camarillo

La Cana Flamenco Club

Colorful Mural on Vineland

I’d be willing to agree with her.

I turned 24 years old yesterday. It was a nice mellow birthday, filled with friends, genuine warm wishes, vegan pizza, and lots of beer. 23 was a pretty miserable age, full of bad luck, heartbreak, and lots of life lessons. But the fact that I got to ring in the age of 24 with friends, loved ones, with lots of possibilities on the horizon…it was much needed.

You know that zombie contingency plans have gotten a little out of control when one of your most passive guy friends very calmly says while on the 405 the other day “I wonder how easy it would be to shoot out that car’s tires from here.”


~ by Alli on Thursday, April 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Upgrade”

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  2. Yay for upgrades!!! I wish I could’ve been there to celebrate your 24th with you. But we’ll go out for coffee soon, k? Like I said in my stupid vid. Mwah!

  3. you won’t think it is out of control when the zombies come. I think this new swine flu might be the pandemic that makes it happen

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