I feel ba-a-a-a-a-ashful…


I haven’t posted in forever. That pesky “job” thing keeps getting in the way. Isn’t it funny that now that I have much more to write about, I have no TIME to write about anything.

So here’s what’s been going on.

Work is busy, insane, my brain hurts at the end of it. I have definitely had to step up my job performance more than any other job I have ever had. But I think its for the best…I’m a goddamn adult, this is how adults work, right? However, as I mentioned in one of my last posts, being this busy, plus the 20 mile drive both ways has left me with little free time.

When I last lived by myself, I would work, come home, and just putter and waste hours upon hours on the internet just…doing nothing. Occasionally I would read a book, and when I was in school, I would work on that (though truthfully, I haven’t had to balance school AND work for over a year now, and am a little scared about returning to that in a month or so). Mostly though I wouldn’t DO much of anything, other than watch tv, eat too much, sit on my ass, or spend time with my boyfriend (where we would sit on our asses, eat too much, and watch tv.)

I find myself getting back into those bad habits a bit.  I can’t even remember the last time I went over to the guys house and just hung out (and they live half a mile away).  My friend who got me my place broke up with his girlfriend and moved back in with his folks, my landlords, and its the closest thing I’ve had to having a friend as a roommate (though I have my house and he has his).  Occasionally we go out and get stuff to eat, but most afternoons/nights, I stay at home, by myself, kinda cleaning.

I feel like I’m never going to be fully moved in or completely organized.  My kitchen/prep table acting as a kitchen is a mess, as I’m still trying to figure out the best way to lay things out.

I have my couch now, and that definitely helps the general feeling of this being a home.  However, i still have boxes and clothes ON said couch.

I’m planning on putting up shelves soon, so I can get allll my books in here 😛  I love ma books.  I miss ma books (and maybe I can put other assorted flotsam and jetsam on the shelves as well.

Emma and I took a walk last night up Vineland to Ventura, and then down Lankershim to our respective homes. We are going to try and going walking, and, eventually, (god willing) running, in the mornings. We live around the corner from a Starbucks and a big ass park, so its a great set up, with few excuses. If nothing else, taking a stroll in a nice park with your friend is a nice way to start a work day 🙂

Basically, life is good, life is busy, life is not there yet.  But it’s on the correct path.  at least, i think so.


thanks for all the well wishes from my crappy day post.

~ by Alli on Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “I feel ba-a-a-a-a-ashful…”

  1. I know it seems like a lot now…but trust me-it’s good to be busy. Love you.

  2. Wooo!!! Jogging/walking in the mornings are so much fun! In a strange turn of events, I actually look forward to my morning runs. And, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can move up from walking to jogging for a few minutes to jogging for a few minutes more. When I first started, I could only jog half a block and now I can do a whole mile. Hopefully, by the end of summer, I’ll be able to do about 3 miles. That’s my goal! Woo!

    P.S. now that school is out, we should definitely go to the gym after our respective jobs. 🙂

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