Allison is crushing all over this ‘hood

I have been so boy crazy lately, it’s insane. I don’t know if its spring, or being single for so long, or just the fact that there are so many attractive men out there…but I have menz on the brain.

D: Sometimes I think there might be some attraction there, but for obvious reasons, the chances of anything happening are very slim. I like our banter, and the way you make eye contact with me sometimes makes my stomach warm. You are older than me, and there is good chance I seem exceptionally “young” to you…you may very well just be that friendly with everyone…but for whatever reason, I look forward to seeing you, and keep looking for excuses to talk to you. If nothing else, I at least hope you’ve checked out my butt once or twice, on the good ass days.

J: I don’t know you very well. In fact, we have only met 3 or 4 times. And while I always thought you were cute, your face did not stick in my brain long after our meetings until after my friend said she wanted to set us up. And then you have been lodged in my brain, and I can’t shake you out. I don’t know if this is me just needing to put a face to an idea of a man, and yours became available, or if there really is a spark every time we see each other (you always seem to talk to me for long periods of time). I think it’s the latter. I dig on your impressive facial hair, your kind face, and your sense of humor. But circumstances are in the way, so I sit here, just waiting for a chance to bump into you again, and talk to you for longer than 20 minutes.

M: Is it silly that I haven’t decided if I have a crush on you yet or not? You are definitely unlike the men I normally find attractive, far more quiet and reserved than I normally find, well, comfortable. But you are very funny, and very dry (which I love), and oddly warm given your stoic nature. I teased you the other day that I have far from figured you out. Whether you being a hard nut to crack is your appeal, or the simple fact that you are serious and intelligent and thoughtful…I don’t quite know yet. But I like spending time with you, the dynamic so much different than my other friends, and am inexplicably drawn to you. Yet you keep a distance that…the hugger, the girl with her heart on her sleeve does not quite know how to interact with. And you appreciate the brilliance of Mr. Show, which is ALWAYS a plus. I hope that once you get to know more people in Los Angeles, you still have time for me, whether it be as a friend, or something more.

And you have a nice smile, I wish you showed it more, and not just through emoticon.

Cute Barista Boy: I don’t even know your name (I think it’s Steve). I don’t even care that you smoke, have a receding hairline, and work at a Starbucks in the dreaded Santa Clarita Valley. I think you are ever so cute, you foam soy milk just the right way, and…i just want to kiss your face.

p.s for the whole 2 of you who can guess who these men are…try to keep your guesses off the comments section, yes? 😉


~ by Alli on Wednesday, June 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Allison is crushing all over this ‘hood”

  1. I think I know 2. This was such a cute post!

  2. You know 1. 😛

  3. HOLY SHIT I used to do this in my diary!!

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