Assessing my ass, and other Thursday evening ramblings

I’m waiting for Haley to get her act together so we can get thee asses to the gym, and I felt like writing, in honor of my URL (rambly rambly goodness). I went walking with Emma this morning, and while it was a bit shorter (I MAY have overslept), it was a great way to start the day, and I wasn’t very tired at all. We even incorporated (a wee bit of) running. Depending on whether or not I decide to be irresponsible and see a movie tonight (ee gads, on a work night!), I may go again tomorrow morning.

Emma and I have decided that one of our costumes for Halloween will have to be “powerwalking cougars”.


Like this, but with waaayyyy too much makeup, press on nails, and the incorporation of leopard print in some fashion. Jumpsuits and fanny packs will need to be involved.

I’m finally getting around to reading “1984”, and I am absolutely hooked. I’m bummed, but a little glad I have to miss book club this month, because omigod, “The Lighthouse” was exceptionally boring. I mean, I bought the damn thing, so I’ll probably finish it at some point relatively soon… but since I don’t have a deadline…Orwell it is!

This weekend is going to be pretty busy, but I can’t wait. A couple birthdays, yoga (Emma and Lainey are both joining for the first time), a weird hipster-ish flea market in Eagle Rock, farmers markets and a possible big screen viewing of “The Goonies”

Sometimes it’s fairly decent being me. 😀

But right now, as I’m waiting for Haley to get her ass to North Hollywood, I just want to eat some pie, watch some “Tropic Thunder” with J, and say fuck the gym. But no, I’m gonna be good, and go, because my ass is getting a little too big for my comfort level.

Favorite quote: “You know, Allison, when you have a luscious ass, such as yourself….” – Emma as we went to dinner the other night.



~ by Alli on Thursday, June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Assessing my ass, and other Thursday evening ramblings”

  1. well, yes, you have quite an exceptional ass!

  2. P.S. And can I just say, that the cougar costume is UH-MAY-ZING! like I will want pics of that forever!

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