(not) easy like sunday morning.

I am at that point on a sleepy Sunday morning where I am trying to decide whether or not to go back to sleep.  So, I am compromizing by burying myself in pillows and blankets, enjoying how well the AC in my studio works, and sipping on a Sugar free Red Bull (it should have been green tea, but that would require effort, and I’m just not there yet.

Today’s batch of Sunday Secrets once again revealed a secret eerily close to my own life:


I don’t know how this happens.  My studio is literally ONE BIG ROOM (and a bathroom that really is, as the British would call it, a “Water Closet”), and so far I’ve misplaced one black shoe, my old point and shoot camera (which I haven’t used in a while since I got my Canon.), and my GLASSES  (Mom is gonna kill me if she reads this, as those were my birthday present.)

All of these have to be in my home because, the last time I saw my camera, it was at home, and I can’t physically leave my glasses or ONE of my shoes somewhere (I need the glasses to see, and 2 shoes to, well, walk.), so they HAVE to be in my home, or in my car.  the fact that I can’t FIND them, after looking what I feel is “everywhere” is starting to get really friggin irritating.  And, my eyeballs hurt from wearing contacts every day.

However, the studio is starting to come together.  I built something:

June 2009 029

June 2009 030

I went around to a bunch of local wine shops and begged off of them their old wooden wine crates.which proved to be no easy feat, as many of them re-use them, never get them save for once a year, or have a waiting list of people who want them as well.  I got some help from my landlords, who own a wine shop in South Pasadena.  I drilled the bottoms of the boxes, then put in rubber stopped, enforced screws.    Honorable mention goes to my friend J, who showed me how to do it, and lent me his drill and level, as well as accompanied me to Lowes to show me which ones to buy.  Whole enterprise?  Cost me nothing but 11 bucks for the screws.  I am stupidly proud of these shelves, you have no idea.

The rest of Allison-land is pretty much same old same old.  The studio is getting there (though have no pictures I am willing to share yet.  but trust me, its coming alonge), film class is awesome and interesting and I’m not failing, so thats good (side note:  Orson Welles, when he wasn’t gigantic (think first half od Citizen Kane?  HOTTIE).  I have a feeling that the remainder of my summer break will be spent watching a ton of movies, and being able to watch them in a new way.  The man of the moment is out of the country for 2 weeks, and I have a feeling I’m gonna miss him and his silly face and his beard and his smiley face emoticons a smidge.  Thats what I get for dating a guy with dual citizenship.  :/

Ok, I am now off to clean, get my car washed, study, and get my hairs cut.  Can I do it?


~ by Alli on Sunday, July 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “(not) easy like sunday morning.”

  1. Allison– Love the place and the crate shelves. AWESOME idea. Dhiren is living with me now, and for the sake of creating more “rooms” in the studio, we bought some IKEA partitions. I want to lie and say it was cheap, but it wasn’t (ours cost $100), though they have cheaper options and honestly, I don’t know how I lived in studios this past year without them. Now I have a “bedroom” and a “livingroom” and the place looks a lot bigger.

    Talk to me soon. I finish my online course Saturday- so we should hang out next week if you got time!

  2. That is absolutely my plan. I dont know if I have the space for partitions (as it is, I have little to no wall space), but I’m thinking about hanging a curtain or something to that effect around my bed. I havent seen your new place, but my studio is smaller than your old place in Orange.

  3. Wow, your photography skills are exceptional. I really like what you did with the wine crates. Feel free to visit the winepine site for other ideas, and for a variety of crates in different shapes and sizes.


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