nom nom nom

Man, I love food.

June 2009 001

This was my dinner tonight.  Vegan nachos.  I actually made some very yummy very healthy eggplant and chili stir fry for the week, but by the time I was done, I wanted nachos.  So I gots nachos.

That picture is AFTER me and my roommate demolished half of it.  (Though he didn’t like the jalapenos. And he’s from the south! WUSS!) Am now full. So deliciously, delightfully full.

People should really learn not to make food eating bets with me. I went out to dinner with some old family friends, and my friend’s uncle bet me $5 that I couldn’t eat and swallow 5 saltines in under a minute. Oh foolish man. Allison eats. That’s what she does.

Dude. I’m not a gambler by nature. So if I bet you something? You best be sure that I AM sure that I am gonna win that shit.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to eating contests.  I may be vegan, but I’m also 5’3″ and 170 pounds.  You figure it out.  Haley and I were both lamenting how people seem to think we eat nothing but rabbit food (“You don’t eat meat OR dairy?  Theres nothing left!”  or “So do you just eat salads for every meal?”, and so on and so forth.)

I consider myself a foodie.  Even after becoming vegan, I still watch every episode of “Top Chef”.  I respect good quality ingredients and good quality food.  And I make so much more interesting food now than I EVER did when I ate meat.

For example, last night Lainey’s parents and sister took she and I out to dinner for pizza, and I ordered a cheese-less one.

2009 - July 485

It was delicious. Basil, garlic, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and spinach. No soy cheese, no fancy vegan alternatives. Just good vegetables w/some marinara sauce on some yummy bread.

Thats all you need, people!

….I just fell asleep.  Food coma.


C: I know FTW stands for for the win, but I always knew it to stand for fuck the world (which it does in some circles, off the interwebs), and I still always first read FTW comments that way upon first reading.
much to my amusement
vegan nachos, fuck the world!

~ by Alli on Monday, July 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “nom nom nom”

  1. Did you just seriously fall asleep whilst writing your blog entry!? Haha! Mmm…that pizza was bomb!

  2. “For the win?”

    I ONLY ever knew it to stand “fuck the world.”

    As is “WTF? FTW, man!”


    Well, one of the prerequisites for going vegan is having a total obsession with food. lol. I think it has something to do with the fact you suddenly discover a shitload of food you would have never really had if you stuck to meat/potatoes/vegetables.

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