I am constantly proving myself wrong…

…but isn’t that how you learn?

it’s so funny how things happen, how things transpire, etc.  I have this habit of thinking to myself  “this time last year I had no idea i would be doing this/didn’t even know you existed/still believed this” and so on and so forth.

You think you feel a certain way, know certain things to be true.  And then the universe reminds you that you don’t know jack.

I had to make a tough decision in regards to C last week, putting (for the first time ever), my logic and foresight before my emotions.  “Taking my own good advice”, so to speak.  But as I mentioned a few months ago:

The mantra “everything happens for a reason” may seem like a silly, oversimplified one, but it has proven itself time and again for the past 6 years. It has kept me sane in severe times of strife and misfortune, and has yet to really disappoint me. There is something to be learned from every single event that will transpire in your life.

I bring this up because in the past few days, something interesting has happened. And while I have no clue how this will all turn out, I know that these events, however small, transpired for a reason, and I am grateful, and simply enjoying it for what it is at this moment in time.

Being with C for that short amount of time brought me a lot of happiness.  The above still rings true.

But being a grown-up, and making the grown up decisions are hard, especially for things like this, especially for me.  I’m an instant gratification junkie, and its rare when I can put my desires in the present to the side in favor of my well being in the future.  But I did it, I believe that it was the best choice I could have made.

And I may have already been rewarded.


Earlier today, I wrote Haley:

t-shirt idea:  Vegans Do It Cruelty-Free (unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing)

I was trying to find/think up others:

Allison: Vegans Do it For Love

Allison: Vegans do it without animal products

Allison: Vegans Do It Sans Meatus

Haley: Vegans Do It Better

Allison: Vegans Do It with Compassion

Allison: i kinda like mine the best

Allison: “Vegans Do It with expensive items from Whole Foods”

Allison: “Vegans Do it at Farmers Markets”

Haley: vegans keep it real

Allison: thats the whole joke behind “___ do it….”

Allison: Vegans Do it with Non Leather

Haley: Vegans Fake It

Allison: HAHAHA

Allison: Yes!

Allison: Vegans Fake it (with tofu)

Haley: I’m prettier sure I didn’t come up with that

Allison: whatev

Allison: its still good


~ by Alli on Wednesday, August 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “I am constantly proving myself wrong…”

  1. He he. Now, there is J.! 😛

  2. Hahahah. I can’t call him J on here though, because there are too many other J’s in my life, including my roommate Justin who actually GOES by the “J”. haha.

    Seriously dude. J named men. I cannot escape them.

  3. Let’s call him Mr. X, like in Last Year at Marienbad.

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