take (2) on me

Lets enter this week on a different note, shall we?

In spite of my melancholy post, and the weird surreal feeling of the weekend, a lot of nice things happened.

On Saturday night, I went to a Vegan Drinks event, a mixer that is held every few months or so for like minded people to come together, eat some good food, and meet. While I love all my non vegan friends immensely (and the majority of them have been very accepting and respectful of my new lifestyle), and I do have a couple vegetarian friends, sometimes I think it would be nice to have more vegan friends than just Haley. I didn’t end up meeting anyone super interesting, though I did get to know the people I went with a lot better (Haley’s friends Carin and Diana), and OMIGOD THE FOOD.

It was held at this place called Mama’s Hot Tamales Cafe in MacArthur Park. NOT a great area at all, but normally they are only open during the day, so I would feel safe about going back someday. It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they have amazing vegan offerings (quarrygirl reviewed them a few weeks ago HERE).

For $25, it was all you can eat tamales, enchiladas, pupusas, stuffed mushrooms, chips and salsa, beer, wine and aguas frescas, most of the food covered in Daiya cheese. The place is this tiny cute place, very authentic mexican, and Mama herself walks around and greets people. I will definitely be going back soon to order off the menu.

(I feel like this post should be accompanied by some great pictures, but as I can’t find my point and shoot pocket camera, all I have these days is my big Canon Rebel, which I thought might make me look like the weird camera girl. But in hindsight, I wish I had brought it.)

Afterwards, we went back to Haley’s and played Apples to Apples and Trivial Pursuit, both of which Carin was taking a major lead in before we called it a night (Who is gonna kick our ass in board games when Corinne moves to Isreal?).

After going home, I couldn’t sleep. So I went and saw a gentleman I am very fond of, and played Scrabble, and got to talk to him about some things in person, and spend time with him, since I hadn’t seen him in a week or so. It was bittersweet leaving, since, for right now, we are going to have to be, well, not dating, but not just friends either, but ultimately I was happy to even spend some time with him. (I only share this much because I know that he does not read this.)

Sunday morning left me emotionally drained, and running on about an hour’s sleep. But I crawled out of bed, and went to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market with Mom and Eddie. Again, wishing I took pictures. I think the camera is gonna have to start accompanying me more places again. But I always love getting to see my mom on a regular basis, even if its just for a little bit. I love her lots, and spending time with her brings a lot of happiness to my day. I really feel like we are at the point in our relationship where she really “gets me”.

So see, my weekend wasn’t all that bad. I hung out with with my friend Kolby later in the evening, and finally broke down and bought myself a scrabble game, because I do love me some Scrabble (and I need practice so as to beat down that certain gentleman that I am so fond of 🙂

Tonight, I started my art and design classes, which will go until the middle of December. I’m so excited about building up my skillset with the hopes of doing something more with my life. And as silly as it sounds, I’m totally jazzed to spend $100 on art supplies. 😀


~ by Alli on Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

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