Ramble for September 10, 2009

What I am thinking today

I am most definitely having one of those “I do not want to be at work” days today. No particular reason. Maybe because I woke up at 6:10 this morning and went walking, when the city is just a little more quiet than usual (I could actually HEAR birds), and it was peaceful and wonderful and full of me time that now, in this office, back into the grind… I want to be home reading. Or walking some more! Argh.
(I also got to bundle up this morning when I went on my walk. I wore my hoodie AND a scarf! It reminded me of how when I used to drive to work at 7 am, I would bundle up in the car in layers on the drive there. I love bundling. I love Fall and Winter. I can’t wait:) )

Today would have been my parent’s 25th (I think) wedding anniversary if they were still together. I have no real feelings on the subject as they have been apart longer in my life than they have been together. What makes me more sad is that today is also my ex’s birthday. This is his 2nd birthday since we have been broken up, but it was something I always tried to make a big deal out of, so its a little sad.

I’m very frustrated with my first project for Design class. Part of it was just not using pen as well as pencil, part of it was misunderstanding the assignment, part of it was my professor not responding to my email until THIS MORNING (my class is this evening) about a question I have. I really wanted to document my work (and progression as an “artist/designer” on the blog, but this first assignment is not something I’m even remotely proud of. However, I’m still excited about the class tonight, because I’m only going to keep learning, which means there will be less confusion. AND, I made a friend in class who is going through the same steps I am to get into graphic design, so it’ll be nice to have a confidante throughout all of this (though my friend Emma, who is a graphic designer already, has been a wonderful sounding board for all my vents, frustrations, and sheer confusion (“They need a mat AND a chip board? Whats the difference?”)

ON top of that, I’m re-evaluating my health and my eating. Lots of Allison brain activity going on today


~ by Alli on Thursday, September 10, 2009.

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