i’d rather be riding a dinosaur


These days, I would much prefer a pet dinosaur to a boyfriend.

I’ve been a bit of a loner lately.  Going from being stressed and stretched thin for months, only to suddenly have more free time than i know what to do with has kicked me into Productivity Allison.   The last few days I’ve been writing long, detailed lists of things that I want/need to be doing (projects around the house, calls I need to make, repairs and errands I have been putting off, etc.), and knocking them off one by one.  Job hunting and resume sending only takes up so much time (especially now, where there just aren’t as many jobs out there.).  So when I’m not scrolling endlessly through Craigslist or working on art projects, I’m working on improving Allison-land.

This week alone I have cleaned every square inch of my apartment, reorganized my closet, thrown away/sold/given awaty tons of clothes, books, etc.  I’ve reformatted both of my computers and figured out why my toilet was making that weird noise.  Sent my resume out more times than I can possibly count.  And drew a bitchin’ aerial city view:


(it was voted the 3rd favorite in the class – though I personally thought I was better than #2 😉  )

But what I’m most proud of is my kitchen.

Since I live in a studio sized back house, it didn’t actually COME with kitchen.  So I got a used silver prep table (like they have in restaurant kitchens), and brought in my own fridge and microwave, and bought a camp stove that runs on small propane tanks.  However, as someone who used to have a rather LARGE kitchen, I had a lot of stuff and, more often than not, nowhere to put it (especially if I had just finished cooking and was feeling lazy).

June 2009 020

June 2009 019It was bad guys.

But FINALLY, after a gift from the shelving fairy (who goes by the name of my buddy Sean), and a trip to Target, my kitchen actually looks like somewhere people would want to prepare food!

2009 - October 137

2009 - October 140

2009 - October 142

Since it’s the first thing you see when you come in, just having this area neat and clean makes my whole place look better.  I’m such a fan of shelving.  The biggest cause of my messiness has always been that I like having things within easy reach, without having to look around for things, or put it “away”.  Shelving makes everything look neat, yet also means I can SEE it, which suits my addled, forgetful brain extremely well.

Next (big) project:  Desk area!  (which is almost done, but won’t post pictures until it’s exactly how I want it, which may be awhile, since that involves getting a new monitor).

~ by Alli on Saturday, October 17, 2009.

One Response to “i’d rather be riding a dinosaur”

  1. Well look at that!! I’m so proud of you. I’m loving all the changes you made to the kitchen.

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