A discussion about marijuana between 2 non pot smokers:

Tera : I mean if you’re gonna have a vice, at least there’s a large amount of artists who were alcoholics.
There’s an entire art around drinks
But pot?

Allison : haha. Meh. I mean, I know people who smoke pot and who are productive. I don’t understand it at all, though.  Hence why I don’t smoke.

Tera : Everyone I know who’s been a pothead has done nothing but sit around and laugh idiotically at nothing. They seriously become a waste of space.

Allison : Well, I know people who use it to help them sleep.

Tera : ohhhhhh.  that makes sense.  I still would rather be an alcoholic than a pothead.  Alcoholics are badass.  Like Bukowski!

Allison: HAHAHAHA.  Tera I love you

~ by Alli on Friday, October 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Pot’s actually a terrible sleep aid. I may be mistaken, but I believe it’s well-documented that THC disrupts REM sleep.

  2. How did I KNOW this conversation was gonna end up being quoted somewhere. I get the feeling I’m gonna piss off a lot of smokers now.

  3. Everything in moderation m’dears.

    And, I totally used pot to fall asleep before I discovered melatonin. 😛

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