book book bwak

Sometimes when I can’t sleep…

I climb onto my couch and peruse my bookshelves, trying to decide what I want to read.  I have 20 + books that I have yet to read, about half of them non-fiction…but yet none of them seem to be calling to me.  Subsequently, I end up pulling 8 titles from my shelves that I’m going to try and sell at The Iliad tomorrow (and will try VERY hard to choose cash over the store credit).  I have a hard time getting rid of my books, even after I’ve already read them, and know that I will most likely never read them again.  When I was younger, my book purchases were entirely at the whim of my parents, so maybe once a month I would get a new book, which i would of course, devour immediately.  When going to the library, I would walk out with a STACK of books, which would sit in a stack by my bed, a comfort…that after I finished this book, there would be 7 others just WAITING for me.

My bookshelves currently span a little more than half of my widest wall (they have recently grown again, after a couple more wine crates became available for me.  I now have 13 crates, and approx 18 “cube spaces”, in addition to my other bookshelf that was already built into the wall before I moved in.).   Them being filled with books is a security blanket, something that makes me happy just looking at it.  I would much rather look at a wall of books everyday than a particularly pretty paint color, or a framed poster.  My dream for the longest time was to live in a home where one whole wall was just bookshelves (like those distinguished New York apartments you see in movies and television)

Home Library

Also, I greatly enjoy lending my books to people. When a new friend comes over and see my bookshelves, if they are any sort of a reader, their eye usually picks a title and inquires about it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than lending a friend a book (though, on occasion, I fail to get it back, either because we lose touch, or I forget. I should probably start writing these things down). I know that when I enter someone’s home, I immediately look at their books.

But, like I said…I have issues with getting rid of them. Its selfish, I know. regardless, I did pull about 8 books that I will try to sell, because, well…I need the money. Sure, I enjoyed Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”, but I’m not a huge King nut, and it’s not his best. Now, “It”, however? The only book I have ever read that made me genuinely afraid to fall asleep. I’m keeping that. I also have a couple indulgent “chick-lit” novels that I bought several years ago, and have re-read occasionally when I wanted to read something but wanted to give my brain a break. I’m getting rid of those (but keeping Pamela Ribon‘s books, because I love her and have been following for years).

Books like “Suite Francaise” I probably won’t read again…but I like having it there. It was a bit more difficult to read, and having it on my shelf is sort of a…reminder that I did, in fact, finish it. And then I have books like “Pride and Prejudice”, “Franny and Zooey”, and a book on the history of candy, all of which I have started and stopped several times. But I keep them, I remain hopeful…and someday I will actually finish them(“Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier was one of those books, that I have been trying to finish since 8th grade, and I finally read and finished earlier this year).

Wow, i just spent an hour writing about my BOOKSHELVES. I should really go to bed.  But dammit, I still haven’t decided what I want to read…

~ by Alli on Saturday, October 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “book book bwak”

  1. *sigh* Book blogs are the best.

  2. For a second there I thought that was a picture of your library. Mind was blown. I then read your post and realized it wasn’t.

    Recently I decided to give the King a try and read “Everything’s Eventual”, a collection of 14 short stories. Most are great, specially “The Man in the Black Suit”. The book contains a little prequel to King’s “The Dark Tower” cycle, which caused me to log into Amazon and order “The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger”.

    Have you seen Neil Gaiman’s library? Amazing.

    Take care! You’re fun to read 🙂

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