every day it seems, I swear to myself I’m going to write…and every day it slips away from me, until my brain is such a bowl of mush that conveying any articulate (and for that matter, remotely entertaining) musings is an impossible dream.

So the jist:  unemployment and a time consuming hobby (passion? career?) have turned me into someone with the most dysfunctional sleeping patterns, who stays up until 8 am on a regular basis and occasionally does not go to sleep at all, simply grabbing 2 hours and 3 hours here and there, like autumn leaves falling.

I have become someone that holds onto anything and everything, in the hopes that it can be used in a piece of art or jewelry or…something.

That carries their expensive camera with them everywhere they go, thus being titled “Girl with the Camera” (and believe me, I’ve been called worse).

Who is staying oddly positive despite the looming possibility of bad bad luck.

Who, despite the paint under their fingernails and occasional bags under their eyes and severe lack of unemployment, is more content right now than she has been in years.

Who will post more later, honest.


But in the spirit of being thankful, tips her hat to those few things that make her truly calm and peaceful (which is a hard thing to do even on a good day) this week in particular.


Farmers Markets

Hollywood Farmers' Market

Etta James and Nina Simone

Some people look at cold weather months as depressing…I find them beautiful, and quiet, and a time when everything slows down, just a little bit. Just enough for you to pay a little bit better attention to everything around you.

The cold weather’s bite of chill is just enough to make every day, every moment…seem a little bit more special.

I could lay underneath this at night, and stay there for hours:

(i’ll write more later, I promise)

~ by Alli on Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

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  1. this lamps looks are amazing.

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