2009 to 2010

I am currently sitting at my desk with olive oil in my hair, which is currently wrapped up in a 99 cents store plastic bag for the next…20 minutes. My hair (which is the source of all my powers) has the tendency to get greasy AND dried out simultaneously. So i’m trying that whole olive oil treatment thing, in the hopes that it will make it look shiny and new (though I’m afraid it’s going to make me look unbathed and use up the rest of my shampoo to get it out. We shall see.

Anyways, while sitting here, i thought i would write something longer than a few sentences. 2009 has been a very interesting year, and I feel like, more than anything, it was a year for learning. 2008 was a year for changes, and adjustments, and breaking out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things. 2009 was a continuation of that, but I feel that I’ve learned more.

*The men that constantly bemoan/brag about “what nice guys they are” are usually the biggest jerks you’ll ever meet.

*My priorities are often quite out of whack.

*As gregarious as my nature remains, I have become more of a loner in my ripe old age.

*The realization that I have actually NEVER dated a man that wasn’t locally FROM Southern California (which is hilarious considering that the majority of my friends, male and female, are NOT from here).

*Jettas are surprisingly flammable.

*I make a great first impression, which I’m starting to think is ultimately to my detriment, because THAT person is the best version of myself.

There are others, of course (most of which are a little more personal than I care to share). But although I have normally looked at New Years resolutions with some disdain (because why wait for a particular date for a change?), this year I feel is starting off pretty well (despite my unemployment), and it’s pretty much up to me in regards to

As I worded it to my friend on the phone earlier today, 2008 was a shitty year. 2009 was a year for learning. And 2010 is the year to put that knowledge into good use. To stop making the same mistakes I make over and over again. 5 days in, and I’m doing an alright job, and have even had a couple tests of my resolve.

Anyways, despite those more vague improvements on my life, there are a few things I would like to do in 2010. Maybe not resolutions, because they may not start right away. But things that I would like to do in the course of this year:

*Start running – My exercise regimen has always been a bit sporadic. I haven’t had a gym membership for months, and I’ve been missing out on yoga a lot lately because I can’t afford it…so I really want to just be more active. Haley is running the LA Marathon in March, and it has inspired me. Running is really supposed to be an amazing work out, and just great for your health. And since health is really the name of the game for me…I want to become “a runner” in 2010.

*Start learning an instrument – I have a beautiful Fender acoustic guitar that I’ve owned for a decade, and which I have not picked up in probably half of that time. A friend of mine gave me this amazing Yamaha keyboard that is currently stored underneath my bed. I’m not saying that I need to be a musical genius by the end of the year…but take some time out and start learning (or relearning) one of them. I’m leaning towards the keyboard first, since I’ve heard that knowing piano is a great foundation for learning other instruments. And sooner or later, I want to learn the ukelele 🙂

*Stop caring so much about what others think of me – this is a big one, though I will keep my description short.  I allow other’s opinions of me (or rather, my fear of the possible opinions) to affect a great deal of what I do.  Fear of rejection, of being made a fool of, of looking foolish (sensing a pattern here) has caused me a great deal of stress.  It stems into so many aspects of my life that it has become unhealthy…and I have come to the conclusion that I must find a happy medium between not caring a lick about how I appear, and carrying that anxiety around me like a giant weight 24 hours a day.  I also need to get better about choosing who in my life I allow to have that power over me.  Which brings us to…

*Choosing the people in my life more carefully – while I do not like cutting people out or burning bridges, I need to better accept the fact that some people simply do not want my friendship, or, more importantly, do not deserve it.  I will continue to be kind to all, but I am tired of putting all this effort forth for people who couldn’t care less.  It is not my job to have everyone like me.  It is not my job to save everyone.

*Be a better daughter– believe me, no one is more surprised by this one as me.  For years, whether my relationship with my parents is good, bad, volatile or loving in that particular month (since those who know me can attest that it is always changing), I always view them as an adversary: someone I need to impress, or fight against, or keep a guard up with.  And while that may still remain.t..I think the one thing I can do is ask them more about how they are doing, and express an interest in their life, in the parts that don’t affect me.  Be a better friend to each of them, be a little more helpful.  For years I’ve felt like, to them, the only thing I could do differently to improve communications was to constantly agree with what they had to say, and do as I was told, etc etc… and while that remains something that will not happen (agreeing for the sake of agreeing, not because I actually do)…being there for THEM in ways that have nothing to do with me directly might be a stepping stone in the right direction.

*Plant a small veggie garden – because both my mother and her father are fantastic gardeners, and I want to believe that it hasn’t skipped a generation.  And working outside a couple hours a week would be good for my soul, body, and spirit, I think.  Plus, I can maybe save a teeny bit of money on things I normally buy from the store/farmers market.

*Manage my time better – I always try to do a million things at once, and its almost always to my detriment, since hours later, I’m not much farther than I started.  I need to stop puttering around on Facebook so much.  I don’t always need to have a tv show on in the background while I’m cleaning or painting or working on things.

There are others, I’m sure.  But I think they all stem from the bigger ones listed here.

In late December, lets see how I did.  And heres a toast to what I believe will be a year that is only as good as any of us make it.

~ by Alli on Tuesday, January 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “2009 to 2010”

  1. Born to Run

    Let me hit that (the garden)!

  2. Cheers!

    I only have one resolution this year, and I’m sure you know what that is…;)

    Here’s hoping 2010 will bring happiness and accomplished goals.

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