this new year is experiencing some technical difficulties

I started this week all amped to get back on track after the holidays.  All my art-related projects with particular deadlines were completed, there was no point in agressively job hunting since no one was hiring or interviewing from Dec 24th til at least Jan 2nd…I went to Big Bear for a relaxing few days, got caught up on some reading (my first love), and had a truly fantastic New Years Eve (probably the best one I’ve had in years), which was lively, laid back, with awesome people and fancy clothes.  I came towards this week ready to jump back on the job hunt bandwagon, start working on some new art projects, and start asessing what needed to be done to get started towards my 2010 projects (see last post).

I got as far as Monday, and half of Tuesday.  And then I got sick.

I was so PROUD of myself for steering clear of the last 3 big cold/flu epidemics that have come along in the last 3-4 months…where it seemed like everyone I knew was getting sick except for me.  Anytime I felt even remotely under the weather, I just bombarded my system with vitamin c.  And since being unemployed means you spend days not being around other humans…I was sitting pretty.

Then, on Tuesday night after having coffee with a friend and feeling a wee bit “eh”, I ended up spending the rest of the evening tossing, turning and delirious with a 100 degree fever.  But it only lasted about 6-7 hours or so and then went down, so I chalked it up to a quick bug, and, to quote a one Barney Stinson,  “When I start feeling sick, I just stop, and start being awesome instead”.  However, the rest of the week my fever went up and down (though never quite as high as it did initially), and consisted of me mostly sleeping and watching old episodes of “Gilmore Girls”.  I wasn’t congested…no other symptoms except the aches, weakness, dizziness, and hot flashes all week.  I tried to send out more resumes, but I was so delirious that I was afraid to send out more for fear I wouldn’t follow any specifically instructed directions correctly.  So I slept.  And woke up Friday, took a hot shower, and felt bright eyed and bushy tailed, with just the tiniest tickle in my throat.

By 8 pm that Friday, my voice was almost completely gone.  And as of now, Saturday night, it IS completely gone.

It’s not that it “hurts too much” to speak.  I PHYSICALLY CAN’T.  When I try to talk above a whisper, it sounds like a goose being strangled.  My father pushed me off the phone because it was “painful hearing me”, haha.

I went to my best friend’s baby sister’s 18th birthday this evening, and an old friend there informed me that I probably had laryngitis.  I sent my dad an email later in the evening which said everything I was going to write here anyways.

Hey Dad, Here’s the update:

So, when I went to this event tonight, my voice got worse and worse.  I tried to keep myself from talking but…well…it’s ME.  Come now.

Anyways, like I said in the text, a friend of mine was there who happens to be a an opera major (and they have to become experts in throat health), and said, with much certainty, that it was laryngitis (from hearing my voice, and me telling her that it didnt HURT to talk as much as I just PHYSICALLY CANNOT).  Also, I can’t take deep breaths, and there were several times throughout the evening where, if I talked too much, I actually got light-headed (probably because I wasn’t inhaling enough oxygen).  So as soon as I left the party, I decided to put myself on complete vocal rest for the next 3 days or so.  No talking whatsoever (though I am now finding out that I talk to myself a great deal more than I thought, which is not only frustrating, but slightly unnerving as well)

I’ve also, just to be thorough, have gone on WebMD and checked all my symptoms to see if there are any other possible “culprits”.  It was of little help.

(And, seriously, I’m no hypochondriac, but WebMD can make ANYONE convinced that they are going to drop dead at any second.  “Suffering from a headache?  Well, it could be a dehydration, side effect, stress, or TYPE 2 DIABETES.  OR A CHEMICAL BURN”).

So at this point, the big choices are Laryngitis, Bronchitis, or a Middle Ear Infection (I’m doubtful of the 3rd), and all I can do it not speak at all, drink lots of fluids, and see if I can borrow someone’s humidifier…and wait 2-3 days.  If things haven’t improved by then (or getting worse), I’ll probably end up going downtown to one of the county centers and getting it checked out, but I want to try and avoid any and all expenses if at all possible (and if it IS laryngitis caused by a cold/flu, there won’t be much they can do anyways).

There’s more, but I figured I’d spare you detailed mucus descriptions.

This SUCKS.  I, in case you havent met me…am a TALKER.  Sure, I love writing…but I’m allll verbal, baby.  And now I am missing out on yet ANOTHER week.  Sure, I can continue to email resumes, but I can’t very well go to interviews where I can’t construct a single audible WORD.  I’ll have to cancel on the girl I tutor for now the 3RD week in a row (1st I was in B.B, and last week I was sick).  I can’t exercise, I can’t call around for jobs, I can’t go to the  argh ok, I’ll stop whining.

And one of my New Years resolutions WAS to become more concise…maybe this happened for a reason?

I just wish being concise involved less hacking and pleghm.

(p.s.  My mother lent me this gigantic cable knit sweater coat.  It’s huge, and warm, and almost like a bathrobe…and it might be my new favorite piece of clothing.  I’m also wearing a giant scarf, with princess leia buns in my hair and glasses.  Basically, I look like I’m doing my best Bjork impression.   Rock on.)


~ by Alli on Sunday, January 10, 2010.

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  1. Damn dude. I’m sorry. 😥

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