organization madman

being able to do much while losing the ability to speak has led to a crazy super organization overhaul of my entire studio. I figure, if I’m gonna be weird artist girl who keeps a bunch of odd stuff around on the offchance that it can be used in a piece down the line….then I need to get all my shit organized (a place for everything and everything in its place) so I don’t suddenly turn in to that crazy old lady who keeps newspapers from 5 years ago and expired coupons.

While I have done this organization feng shui thing in the apartment in the past (usually every 3 months or so I go insane and start throwing away everything and putting things in piles, etc), but what I hadn’t really done was my bathroom.

My bathroom is not very big. The term “water closet” is actually pretty accurate. It’s essentially a large closet that has an itsy bitsy sink, a toilet (with one of those units that fits right over the toilet and has shelves and/or a cabinet), and a shower. Thats it. And that unit over the toilet is filled to the brim with stuff, both in the cabinets and on the shelves.

So I decided to make better use of the tiny cabinet underneath my sink, to hold lesser used bathroom items and some cleaning supplies.

You know what I realized, guys? I have wasted a TON of money on things that I thought I was running low on or had run out of, but in fact had just misplaced.

2 giant containers of Q-tips

3 boxes of bandaids

3 bags of disposable razors

5 (YES FIVE) packages of oil absorbing sheets.

But now, its all accounted for. It’s organized. It’s put away. Now people won’t see everything I put in and on my body if they come over and have to pee.

Next I’m gonna overhaul my closet (for the millionth time, yes…but I always end up throwing something away, and making it better. So 😛 )

(yeah, I’m a crazed woman on a mission)


~ by Alli on Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

One Response to “organization madman”

  1. ooh, we could use some q-tips!

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