learning from my mistakes at the LA Art Walk

I attempted the LA Art Walk tonight, and will post some pictures later after I assess and see if I got any good ones. However, it was definitely an Allison planning fail, resulting in me spending more money than I intended, actually setting foot in only about 3 galleries, and basically turning me into such easily irritated ball of redheaded grump that I wanted to punch everyone who was in within 10 feet of me (I’m normally not one of those people who get easily jumpy in large crowds, but by the time we arrived there my mood was so shot, I think I just didn’t have the spirit for it).  All in all, it was definitely a disappointment that I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it due to mostly my own faux pas, since I’ve been wanting to go for months.  I will definitely try again next month (provided I don’t have class that night, and my Spring schedule is escaping me at the moment.)

However, I did learn enough for next time. Hey guys, when going to the LA Art Walk:

*take the bus, because looking for and maneuvering around downtown LA for a parking lot that isn’t full or rape you up the ass is a test of patience even for the most zen person (it should be noted that I originally had every intention of taking the subway downtown, but then…

*read the event website a little more carefully because otherwise you think it ends at midnight, not nine…and you dilly dally getting ready because you think “oh i have time, la la la”. And then your friend who apparently ISN’T dyslexic says “oh allison, it starts at 12 and ends at NINE”, so by then its 7, and you have no choice but to drive, and try not to have a panic attack while being a passenger in someone’s else car on the 101 S. at night. You then realize that you haven’t eaten anything all day, so you go through the Carl’s Jr drive-thru and get fried zucchini and orange juice because that seems like the best possible option for a vegan in this particular situation, and…fast food is never the “best possible option”.

*After talking for a week about an event you are “so excited to walk around and take pictures of”, make sure your ONLY camera battery is charged.  Because, really, how stupid are you?  Argh…

*leave the giant bag at home or your big coat or pretty much anything that is going to make you a larger mass of person. Because you will be trying to make your way through throngs of people (a great deal of them complete assholes, but I’ll get to that in a bit), and you just need to make yourself as small as possible. Because then you smack people with your giant messenger bag in the crowded gallery, and then YOU’RE the asshole. And really, who wants that?

*Plan a route of what galleries you want to see before you get there otherwise you end up Spring St for 3 hours just following the throngs like a damn sheep and you only end up going inside about 3-4 places, only 2 them even remotely interesting.

*Drink a shot of your alcohol of choice before you get there, because even the most tolerant person could get fed up with the mixture of hipster douchebags, overly dressed up downtown party people (because apparently “Thursday is the new Friday”) and just clueless fucking people saying the most moronic statements about art you could ever hear.

*After making your way through the noise, and the clusterfuck, and the people, do your best to stop, observe, and enjoy when you see something truly great.

(the” Luminousity” exhibit at Continental Gallery)

~ by Alli on Friday, January 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “learning from my mistakes at the LA Art Walk”

  1. That first bit of advice is generally true for anything to do with downtown, really. Even if I had a car, I wouldn’t drive to work every day. Ugh.

    Glad you’re finding a silver lining, though. 🙂

  2. Through the bad experience, at least it inspired you to express your thoughts and share some tips with the rest of us.

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